Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Road

I'm not going to bore you with why I put in as many hours as I can into swimming, biking, and running. There is a story there, but everyone has a story. Besides, it doesn't really matter. Maybe said "story" will eventually come out. But if it does, it will be in drips and drabs and in reference to something else. Because perspective is important.

I'm lucky. I have had a good and interesting life so far. Statistically speaking, it's half over. I won't lie and say that doesn't scare me. It does. The stupidity of my youth is long gone and has been replaced by the stupidity of middle age. For me, a midlife crises isn't a sports car, it's a constant stream of memories, triumphs, and regrets from a long time ago, playing through my mind like video supported Twitter posts.

There is a site for that actually, its called But, I don't think it's that good. And I digress.

Endurance sports are perfect for me. I've never had those fast twitch muscles needed to play baseball or football. But, I've always been able to go and go. The mental game. The discomfort. The solitude. Before my wife introduced me to the Hawaiian vacation, my idea of a week off was a solo back-packing trip around Mt. Rainier.

Because when I was younger, I didn't worry about falling off a cliff. Snowstorm and no climbing partner? No problem!! That was the stupidity of my youth. But this last March, cold toes and heartburn kept me from a summit in the Sierra Nevada. It was a clear day and about as safe as a winter alpine climb could possibly be. But I got in a staring contest mortality and blinked first. The cold and my discomfort where convenient excuses. That's the stupidity of middle age.

I don't remember exactly when I decided to do a Triathlon. As a result of "my story", I started running again last year after a few years off. I lost a bunch of weight. I did a 5K last February. Then the next thing I know I was at the bike store buying a bike and at Sports Chalet buying swim goggles. I signed up for a race in July and set about getting some base.

Come race day I was pretty sure I was going to love it. As I came out of water I knew I did.

But honestly? The training is the best part. I try to get in 6 hours a week. That's some quality alone time. That's plenty of opportunity to see some stuff you wouldn't see if you where not out running or biking. And that's plenty of time to let your mind wander.

And to me, that's the road. There is no finish line. This blog will be a place to write about the journey when the feeling to do so takes hold. And so it begins...

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Exgf said...

I just found you through another blog and I am so glad I did!!! I am an amateur Triathlete...about to start training for my first half IM distance in april.... I'm excited to sort through your posts and see what I can learn from your experiences.

Does this count as comment #1 in the tshirt department? haha


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