Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cursing In Battlestargalacticish

The title has nothing to with the post. It just came to me when I started writing. I'm not sure it's very clever, but I'm not going to think about it further.

What this post IS about is a breakthrough I've just had. I now officially declare myself a morning person, or at least a hopeful candidate. The possibilities of same are both exciting and endless.

I work in an industry where the day tends to start later (and end later). So as a participant in the industry, one's practice of rolling out of bed after eight or even nine in the morning is completely normal. And by the way, my wife and I are blessed with a son who rarely wakes at the crack of dawn, and I'm further blessed by a wife who is usually willing to get up if he does. Further enablement? I would think so.

These days, I'm a one man show, having just started a US division for a Canadian based company. There's just me down here putting up the good fight. However there are a large number of co-workers up in Vancouver, and the company comes complete with 20 + years of operational legacy. So my day is a curious combination of free wheeling business development and corporate process. I guess it's kind of like if as a condition of exploratory autonomy, Lewis & Clark where required to fax in expense reports by 3 PM every Tuesday, and then Fedex back hard copies of the receipts immediately thereafter.

These days, I tend to work semi-odd hours in that after handling the daily administration issues, I'll knock off at three or so to train, but then do another 4 or so hours of the more creative stuff in the evening without the emails and the phone calls. The hours are plenty and the day is long.

But I couldn't help but notice that since I started this job last October I was getting up earlier.

So today, with a new round of "SoCal Storm Watch 2010" kicking into high gear, I decided to raise the bar and set the alarm for six to see what would happen. I wanted to get up, eat, and be on my bike by seven. The forecast was calling for rain to start by nine, and I would be done riding by then, dry and ahead of the day. My plan went without a hitch. And it was a great ride.

Of course, I've never missed a race, and we all know that races are early. In fact, getting up for races has always been easy. Any failure in performance at a race has had nothing to due with the time of day. But today, being a normal day of routine training without the added excitement of a race, I honestly wasn't sure what would happen.

But like I said, it went without a hitch.

I'm sure there are many of you that may scoff at my revelation. I know, I know, you've been getting up at five for years. So I don't mean to come across as "that guy" who just discovered the greatest of the great truths. But it's often times about the little things for me, and herein lies some additional liberation and freedom.

That said, I'm easing in to this and I'm not prepared to try this again tomorrow. I'm tired, I have a bit more work to do, and after all, I got up really early today.

I ended up looking at the post title again. Kind of dorky. Oh well, frack it.


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Welcome to the darkside!!


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