Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Administration

I'm a little unhappy with my blog layout, so I've been playing around with it. I was up last night at midnight sneaking into Ian's room to kidnap his beaver for the photo in the new header. Then, not realizing I was dead tired, I messed up both the clipping path on the photo and the number of pixels I meant to select for width. I'm shocked I spelled "blog" correct. Ugh.

Today I'm going out for a 10 mile run. It will be my second attempt, the first was in November and successful. I'm feeling good about it, it's not forced, it's something I want to go out and do.

So a new audio book is downloaded and breakfast is digesting nicely. T-minus an hour or so.

I've been thinking lately about how triathlon lifestyle has not yet been commercialized outside of core gear and apparel. I mean this in the sense that Oklahoma City has a Pac Sun and though you have pretty much zero chance of surfing today, you can still wear a Hurley tee.

I also realize that triathlon is still less popular than surfing and the romanticism associated with surfing (sun, palm trees) is not quite the same as that of triathlon (pain). But I like the pain, and I'd buy a causal Newton Running tee to wear when I roll out on the town. In fact I'd rather support them than Nike.

I have to think this one through.

Until later, Ciao.


Jennifer said...

Hope you had good luck with your 10 miler! BTW Love the beaver.

Jon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Where in NYC did you live?


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