Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Late Night Party At My House

This is rare. It's 12:24 in the morning and I am awake. I'm not even remotely tired. A little wound up in fact, as yesterday wasn't the greatest day ever. But as I've written about before, my recently found optimism is raring to have another go at it later today. So a mix of being pissed off about yesterday but being excited about the opportunity to be un-pissed off tomorrow has me awake. Great. Only a true cynic can find the dark side of optimism.

A couple things need to happen. It's coming up on 8:30 AM in London so I need to make sure my Skype account is turned off so nobody knows I'm online. I'm not THAT raring to go, they can wait until normal California business hours. Then I need to get myself a glass of water.

I could fire up the Kindle, but I'm not feeling it. I'm currently reading a book about the history of the NFL. I was reading a book about the history of Skylab, but it turned out it was just a repurposing of official NASA documents, so it doesn't really put you on the edge of your seat with page turning, or should I say button pushing, excitement. So I downloaded the NFL book. The Kindle store is more addictive than ITunes.

I like to pick random subjects and read a book about it. And if I wasn't having a late night party at my house right now, with a tired dog sleeping at my feet, I probably never would have written that.

Let's talk about the dog for a second. His name is Joe. He's a Black Lab mix and we think he's about 11. We have no idea how old he is really, we got him 5 years ago as a rescue from Mexico and the guess was he was about 6 at time. Right now I feel sorry for him, as he had to make the big decision when I crawled out of bed a few minutes ago. Looking at me with one eye open as I moved towards the bedroom door, he had to decide if he was going to stay in his bed or do the loyal dog thing and pad out to the living room with me. He chose the latter. I'm making sure he is duly compensated with some feet petting. Our other dog is named Natasha. Ian calls her Princess Leah. She didn't stir when I got up, but I just heard her walk into Ian's room. She'll do the rounds a couple more times tonight.

I'm typing on a MacBook Pro. I like pretty much everything Apple except the Iphone. I have no opinion on the IPad yet. I'm very suspicious of anything Microsoft and my suspicion of Google is also increasing by the day. However, I still use "Google it" as a universal verb for web search. Pretty much like Kleenex is universal for facial tissue. And you have to admit it sounds better than Yahooing something. I think there is a more specific word instead of "universal" when referring to a brand name that has become a substitute for a common verb or noun or what have you. I can't think of it right now.

I'm calling New Orleans to win the Superbowl. Sure the Freeney injury may be a factor, but that's also just Superbowl week hype. I think it's destiny for the Saints. Regardless, sports betters take note, Even if Indy wins I'm not sure they'll cover the spread.

I don't bet on sports, but a couple of years ago I would bet against University of Georgia football every week, because a good friend of mine is a huge Georgia fan. You are probably wondering why I would do that to a friend. You have to understand the circumstances, which I will not go into here. But they are funny.

I'm an Oregon Ducks fan myself.

And to keep this blog somewhat on theme, I'll be riding my bike tomorrow.


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