Sunday, February 7, 2010

Taking The Plunge

Superbowl Sunday is my traditional day to sit down and register for a few races. Well, it's a tradition now anyway. Because last year is the first time I did it, and I've just now registered for the San Diego International Triathlon in June.

Maybe I should actually call it a trend now and then next year if I continue the practice I can officially call it a tradition. But I digress.

Last year on Superbowl Sunday I ran an annual local 5K. It was my first race since coming back from the land of the obese. It was my best 5K time ever at about 26 minutes (I had only managed 27 minutes and some change five years earlier). I was pumped on the race but I was also left a little empty since it was over so quickly - After all, I had put in many, many hours to get ready. So that afternoon I signed up for a sprint triathlon. I figured triathlons where longer, and it would satiate my desire for a better return on training investment. By the way I didn't own a bike other than a beach cruiser last February.

So in July of last year, after sorting out my equipment deficiencies, I did my first sprint race and then competed in two others by October. The races where awesome and great (and of course longer), but as far as satiating anything, it proved only a temporary fix.

This morning I went down to the race to watch, since I failed to register this year before it sold out. I then got myself pumped up by proxy. As I drove home, I decided that I was going to register for an international distance race in June, and I just pressed "send" on my registration. San Diego International is a 1K swim, 30k bike, and a 10k run, so a little more than double the distance of the sprints I've done. I've actually been thinking about doing this particular race since late last year, but this morning the decision was made. Or rather I should say it was made for me. Watching the runners go by this morning was both thrilling and inspiring.

I'm not too worried about the bike or the run. I am, however, worried about the swim. I've been regularly swimming this distance as a long set in my pool workouts, but as I've mentioned before, I could currently crawl it faster, possibly with both arms tied behind my back.

So I'm really going to have to work on my swimming. Maybe the fact that I am now committed to the longer swim will be what I need to find that extra focus. And then of course I'll need to work on putting these longer distances all together.

Anyway, wish me luck if you could. I'll spend a little time later today analyzing some new training plans to adjust accordingly going forward. But right now, since I missed the real race this morning, I think I'll go run a private 5K and see if I can PR.



Jennifer said...

Before you walk you have to crawl... at least you are on your way! Wow, an international race, sounds so exotic, kudos to you for registering.

Unknown said...

Great job on the transformation first and foremost!

Good luck in San Diego! Do you think of the Anchorman everytime someone mentions San Diego like I do?


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