Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Erin Baker's Wholesome Baked Goods Giveaway

A few weeks ago I wrote a review about some incredible peanut butter granola I tried from Erin Baker's Wholesome Baked Goods.

I contacted Erin to tell her how great I thought the granola was. We went back and forth on email for a little bit, and she graciously agreed to let me host a product giveaway on The Road.

There will be 3 prizes. The first name drawn will get 4 bags of granola and 2 dozen assorted breakfast cookies. The second name drawn will get 3 bags of granola and 1 dozen assorted breakfast cookies. The third name drawn will get 1 bag of granola and 1 dozen assorted breakfast cookies. Check out all the granola flavors here.

To enter, all you need to do is be a follower of my blog (if you aren't already) and then leave a comment on this post in the form of a Haiku.

Traditional Haiku can get a little complicated when you consider pronunciation differences between Japanese and English as well as a few other rules of form. So let's not worry about that. For the purpose of this giveaway, you just have to follow a 3 line 5/7/5 syllable form, and make a reference to healthy eating and at least one season. Here is an example:

Enter this contest
A tasty prize awaits you
Eating right is good

I'm confident you can all do better than this.

At 10 PM PDT on June 23rd I'll use random.org to pick the winners and post the result on the blog. I'll also try to contact the winners via email. If after 72 hours any of the prizes have not been claimed, I'll pick more names.

Once we have winners the prizes will be shipped courtesy of Erin Baker's Wholesome Baked Goods.

I hope you'll enter and I look forward to reading the submissions. Just think, you may be only 17 syllables away from some amazing baked goods.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Fiber is my friend
So healthy in my diet
It makes me go ... poo.

Anonymous said...

Eat smart, exercise
Winter ski or summer fun
Eat Erin's Baked Goods

KovasP said...

Forgive me oh lord
for I am a follower
and I want to win.

Denise said...

Today I run
I hope it don't rain
My toe hurts.

misszippy said...

I stink at haiku
But want some granola now
please pick me, me, me

Matty O said...

I love granola.
Spring, Summer, and in Winter
Makes me good sprinter.

Karen said...

Don't have such confidence in our ability.... BUT you know we will do anything for awesome giveaways!

Swim, run, bike all day
makes me want free granola
please pick me patrick

Kristi said...

I Love Granola
Erin Baker Rocks my Socks!
I will follow you.

So it's not the best but I tried and I will follow your blog now! :)

Unknown said...

when you write haikus

using the word granola

makes it seem tasty

BTW, Erin Baker looks like a hottie on the website pic! Might want to hold on to that email address Patrick, you know, for like networking and stuff!

Rad Runner said...

Cookie for Breakfast
Uh Rad Runner likes this
Spring water fall

ajh said...

Just read your comment on Miss Zippy's blog! I just told people today that as much as I run I don't see snakes. That is one of the best things about Vermont - got to love the cold for some reasons!! Today (I teach) a herpatologist (snake guy) came and spoke and showed slides on local snakes for more than an hour. I had to look away a lot but he was interesting.

ajh said...

Fulfilling fiber
Keeps me happy all day long
And it's good for me.

Lame but a Haiku. I am now a follower.

Tri-James said...

Counting syllables
Dog days of summer are here
Health food for me

- you made me think -

Regina said...

Granola goodness
Is yummy in my tummy
Erin Baker rocks

Aimee said...

cherries and apples
make eating fun in the sun
in the summer time

Unknown said...

Erin's cookies, yum!
help me to bike, swim and run!
Never-ending fun!

Barbie said...

Don't laugh, this is my first ever attempt at poetry.

Erin's granola
Not available in Aus
Can I have some

How did that go? :)

Chris K said...

Followers funny
But I am the funniest
No seriously

Barbie said...

Bugger, just re-read mine and forgot to add the word "now" at the end.

Christine Jensen said...

Summertime sunshine
I guess I must eat better
Swim Suit Season comes

Christine Jensen said...

oops, I forgot to say I follow as Chris in GFC :)

run4may said...

I am now a follower

Lindsay said...

your example didn't have a season in it?

choc'late is delish
i like it best in summer
but it makes me fat

wow that sucks. haha.

Caratunk Girl said...

granola is good
for me cookies are better
both yummy with milk

I suck at this! :) Good contest!

ruth said...

sierra likes snacks mommy likes healthy stuff too cookies and granola yummy hope she can get this tasty treat

4 The Love Of Freebies said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
4 The Love Of Freebies said...

my daughter loves granola, she loves cookies, what could be a healthier mix?

Melissa said...

Eat well live well too
apples melons figs oats greens
makes you strong and wise


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