Friday, June 11, 2010

Mail Bag

This comment was left on today's post Snakes On A Trail by Bryan Hughes from

Getting over your fear of snakes is all about just learning about them. If you're like the majority of Americans, the "facts" you know about what rattlesnakes are, are completely false. In reality, they are amazing, perfectly tuned predators who really, really don't want to see you either.

Do you have a friend that has one as a pet? Go hold it. Seriously. You won't be hurt. Your battle is with your mind, not the animals.
I think it's great advice and my rational mind knows it to be totally true. So thanks for commenting. And Bryan, I'm not trying to be funny, but do you have any suggestions on how should I deal with the jellyfish?

Everyone else, check out his website there are some beautiful pictures.


ajh said...

That advice would only be made my someone who is not scared of snakes.

Julie said...

Oh Patrick,
I am absolutely terrified of snakes! I have been since I was a little girl...long story:) Let's just say one bad memory has screwed me up for life! I will say that I respect snakes from a distance....far, far away! I even freak out looking at pictures:) I just need to repeat, my battle is with my mind, not the animals! Interesting post:)

DRog said...

LOL @ ajh....and in agreement!

Lindsay said...

ditto AJH and DRog!! :)

sorry, i had to skip over the previous post. what little snippet i saw of the 3rd (or so) pic down i am assuming was not something i need to be seeing before i go to bed... or ever. slight fear here too!

Aimee said...

Wow...those pictures are amazing, but that scorpion one completely freaked me out! Now, those are scary little things!


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