Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quote of the game

I'm at an Angels/Dodgers interleague game tonight in Anaheim. The best fan quote so far is "Too bad that loser Manny Ramierez can't turn that line drive into 2 since his (expletive) dreadlocks are dragging on the ground."

This guy was a Dodgers fan.


Matty O said...

HAHA! We had Manny on the Indians for years. Great ball player, over the past few years got cocky and carries an attitude with him.

Not sure how I feel about interleague games still.

I do however love dollar dog night :)

Glenn Jones said...

Us born and raised in Los Angeles Dodger fans are about to commit mass suicide. We can't even beat those lowly Angels? The same team that gave Dodger Stadium a nad nam in the early 60's? Yikes!

Never a bad time at the ballpark!

64 CLASSIC said...

Loved Manny when he was with the Red Sox. Hated the way he finished there. He had been GREAT for them but really let them down at the end.

Nothing against the Dodgers,but wish he was still banging doubles off of the big wall in Fenway.

He can't go pee in the outfield at Dodger Stadium either....


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