Friday, June 4, 2010

Rolling Into The Weekend

The LAX Pylons. One of my favorite public art installations. Designed by Paul Tzanetopoulos. Installed in 2000.

I flew home from Vancouver last night. It's always nice to come home, and I never get tired of flying into Los Angeles as night. The approach is a long, straight and usually smooth decent across the LA Basin into the airport. We landed at 10 PM and since the Air Canada terminal is conveniently located across the taxiway that arriving flights use to pull off the active runway, we where at the gate fast. There was no traffic on the freeway so I was home by 11.

Just before I got on the bike today. This photo is only remarkable for pointing out that a few years ago I wouldn't have seen my feet.

Today I had a ton of work to do, but I still made sure I got my lunch bike ride in. I must have been having bike withdrawals because the second I settled into the saddle and started spinning, a peaceful calm washed over me. It's funny how earlier this year I was struggling so much with the bike. Now I need it. I got 18 miles into the books over a 1 hour ride.

Tomorrow, I will be competing in my first Aquathlon, which is one of the events featured at the Tyr Playa del Run being held in Huntington Beach not far from where I live. It's 1K ocean swim and 5K run. I'm looking forward to seeing if I've made any swim progress in the last few weeks since I've had a coach. I'm also interested to see how well I perform on the run after not having just come off a bike. It should be a good time.

Kovas's Blog Header. One of my favorite blogs.

At the suggestion of Kavos Palubinskas over at Midwest Triathlon Life, I applied for and got the job as contributing triathlon writer for the Los Angeles edition. I mention this only because I plan to write my first article this weekend, using the Playa del Run as "Exhibit A" for a rundown of all the cool endurance and multi-sport events coming up this summer in the area. I'm looking forward to having another forum to ramble on and overuse conjunctions while trying to write in the 3rd person. Wish me luck.

Sunday I hope to do my normal bike/run brick, but I also have a feeling that the pressure from my wife will be too great to ignore working on the living room. Next up - clean years of carpet adhesive and other crap off of the concrete slab and prep it for a sealer. We've decided to go with industrial loft style concrete floors in the room instead of carpet or wood. I was a little surprised to see that the slab is crack free - the house is 40 years old and been through tons of earthquakes. This is welcome news.

What does everyone else have going on this weekend? Be safe, whatever you have planned.


Unknown said...

writing in the 3rd person? what the heck is that? (-:

Cool choice leaving the LR concrete. That is very trendy right now and the best part is if you ever grow tired of it the prep is already done for carpet, tile or hardwoods! Are you going to put a finish/paint/gloss over it or leave it as is?

Good luck at the TYR!

DRog said...

Good luck with Exhibit A! lol @ being able to see your feet...didnt know you are a PFG!

great news on the slab! especially after the Northridge shaker!


Julie said...

Wow, I am impressed that you use your lunch to get your rides in:) You are hard core!!

Good luck to you on your Aquathlon this weekend!

KovasP said...

Check's in the mail Patrick - great PR job for my blog! Best of luck tomorrow with the Aquathlon, I smell an age-group win for you. I'm looking forward to being a PFG as well. Maybe by next year?

Jennifer said...

Your new "job" sounds fun! You should be perfect at it as you write well and are pretty funny, I think. Have fun tomorrow. For me it's a 12/13 miler in prep for next week's half marathon, should be nice and hot.

Lindsay said...

That's a cool setup at LAX. Congrats on the examiner job! Link to your posts a lot so we can get you lots of hits :)


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