Saturday, September 4, 2010

CW-X Compression - Born from thongs (apparently).

CW-X Stability Ventilator Short

In early August, I reviewed a pair of CEP Compression triathlon shorts.  Generally speaking, I liked them a lot.  My biggest "complaint" was actually less of a complaint and more of a disclosure of personal preference -  I am a one piece/bib guy when it comes to triathlon and cycling kit, so stand alone shorts on the bike just aren't my bag.

In the last month I've worn them running a dozen times.  And every time, the compression and extra support was great during exercise and also helped me recover faster.  But running (especially longer runs) with a chamois pad when there was no reason to have one became a bit annoying.

So I went compression shorts shopping yesterday.  As you know, this stuff is expensive.  The CEP shorts I reviewed will set you back $150, and the prices for the Zoot and 2XU compression stuff isn't too far behind.  I was hoping to find something cheaper, so when I walked into at a local running store called A Snails Pace Running, the floor sales person sent me over to a rack full of compression garments from CW-X.

I had never heard of CW-X, but the price was (comparatively) "decent" at $70.00.  These shorts are constructed more simply and use a more conventional fabric than the CEP shorts.  But when I tried them on, they felt good.  And though it's hard to part with $70 for a pair of shorts, I sucked it up and bought them.

When I got home, I put them on and ran 10 miles.  The initial verdict is CW-X makes a good compression garment.  I enjoyed the same benefits in terms of support and reduced muscle fatigue I was getting from the CEP shorts.  And I think they fit slightly better.  It's definitely a subtle difference, but the shorts where a little looser in certain places while a little tighter in others that overall delivered more comfort.

I checked out the CW-X website earlier this evening.  It turns out that CW-X is owned by Wacoal Corporation in Japan.  Wacoal is apparently the biggest manufacturer or intimate apparel in the world.  And because of this, Wacoal argues legitimacy for CW-X by pointing out that "(Wacoal) has spent half a century creating clothing born of a deep understanding of the body", and thus they know what they are talking about when it comes to compression garments.  Though that's not quite the brand introduction I was expecting, you have to admit it's a fresh approach.  And based on my initial experience with their product, zebra striped thongs and performance athletic apparel may have more in common than I realized.

Buy if:  You are a value conscious compression junkie that wants results.

Don't buy if:  You insist that the marketing campaigns from the companies you support focus on being impossibly tough, sweaty and ripped.

(Disclaimer: I bought this product.  I did not receive any encouragement or compensation from CW-X for this review. Aside from some research I did on the CW-X website, the opinions stated here are my own.)


Tri-James said...

I guess advertising works. I probably heard that ‘Born from Jets’ a thousand times on versus last year.

I like born from thongs better.

Jennifer said...

Ha ha. Interesting marketing angle. I think a pair of zebra stripped compression shorts would really be a hit down here in Mississippi. Not!

KovasP said...

So where's the thong picture?

skierz said...

I am a big fan of CW-X tights. I find them very comfortable to do workouts in and I can also use them as part of recovery(war them under jeans a lot lately) they were actually on the shelf long before all the other guys came up with something as well.

Anonymous said...

I have a pair of CW-X compression socks which are pretty decent...still looking to find a good pair of compression shorts though.

Might have to put out the cash for these though!

Rad Runner said...

Buying sports equipment and trying them out IMMEDIATELY really is the best :) Glad they worked out for half the price!

Unknown said...

I have yet to enter the world of compression clothing, but really want some socks because I've heard so many positive things about them. THanks for the review

ajh said...

I have the shorts and tights. I particularly like the tights. I think I bought the shorts too large.

The Green Girl said...

Yeah, in Asia, I swear all you see Wacoal intimate apparel everywhere you go.

Chris K said...

Although it sucks to part with $70 for a pair of shorts, based on your review it seems well worth it. Hopefully they will last a very long time. Think of it as an investment rather than purchase.

Lindsay said...

very interesting for a company to go from thongs to compression. i'm still on the fence about compression-attire. well, i like my compression socks. haven't gotten shorts/pants/tops yet.

Aimee said...

Thanks for the review. I've actually heard great things about CW-X products. My local running store carries a lot of their products, but I've never tried them.


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