Saturday, September 18, 2010

Home Game

Is it just me, or is Google Earth a little creepy?  It's like the NSA having an open house every third Sunday of the month, except it's actually every day as long as you have an Internet connection.

Well, whatever.  The only thing that the current image of my house shows is that I have a red Tacoma pick-up.

That's what I'll be driving tomorrow morning when I head to Long Beach for the race.  My last two races have been down in San Diego, so Saturday night stays along with a bunch of other extra logistics have been required.  Tomorrow, it's out of (my own) bed, a 20 minute drive, and then a race.  I'll be home for brunch.  This race is what I call a home game.

I'm pretty much ready to go - the transition bag is packed, my tires are pumped up and my number is attached to the race belt.  Bottles of Nuun are chilling in the fridge.

Stuff - Ready.

I didn't do too much to today, though for the first time ever I did a little training the day before a race.  Nothing big - just 5 x 200 for 1000 yards of swimming at the pool.  Training today is notable because it represents a significant shift in my usual rigid processes.  Actually the swim felt awesome, though I'll need to find a bit more speed to stay on my predictions.

There's also been a slight change to the plan.  It turns out Ian has fallen asleep on our bed.  If you could see a picture of him sleeping,  you'd be loathe to move him too.  Lots of covers, little head sticking out.  So I'll be sleeping on the couch.  But it's my couch, and it's quite comfy.


Unknown said...

good luck today!

The Green Girl said...

Creepy, yes. Awesome, yes.

Hope your race went well!

KovasP said...

looking forward to hearing how it went

Caratunk Girl said...

I can't wait to hear about the race.

Google earth creeps me out.

Barbie said...

Waiting with baited breath for the RR.

Aimee said...

Google earth kind of creeps me out too! I can't wait to hear about your race!
Oh, and I can totally picture your son in the bed b/c it's happened to us numerous times with our two boys too! :)


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