Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Talk to me about...

...your running shoes.  I'm just curious.  What brand do you wear, are you loyal to that brand, and if so are you loyal to a specific model?

Or are you playing the field, either because you like to mix it up or are still looking for the perfect shoe?

How many miles do you get out of a pair?  Do you rotate between 2 or more pairs?  What other factors surround your shoe choice?

I'll go first.  I've been wearing Newton Gravity's for just over a year.  I'm on my third pair, and I get about 350 miles out of them.  I used to wear New Balance (forget the model), but when my volume got up to the 20 miles/week range, my feet started suffering.  To this day, I'm still not sure what it was, maybe Plantar Fasciitis.

Newton Gravity
So I went to Roadrunner Sports to get a gait analysis.  I always thought I was a pronator.  Nope.  Let's just say my running form is miles ahead of my swim form.  But I was a bit of a heal striker.

True, the Newton design promotes a mid-foot strike, which as I considered my options was definitely on the "benefits" side of the ledger.  But I'll be honest - I wanted to try Newtons because Craig Alexander wears them.  So whatever Craig gets paid a year in endorsement fees, I can confirm they recouped $175 (less cost of sales expenses) that day.

But after 25 or so miles (Newton shoes take some getting used to), I no longer cared about what Mr. Alexander was wearing.  The Newtons continue to be amazing for me.  In short, they are light like racing flats with the benefits of more stable trainers.   I've run +/- 20 miles almost every week in the last year, and (knock on wood) I have not had a single problem.  And it's been a pretty good year in terms of running improvement.  I would prefer that this improvement is down to me and not the shoes, but then again, no need to change a good thing.

Plus they look kind of odd cool which I appreciate.

Your turn...


The Green Girl said...

I have really small, extremely wide feet and New Balance is the only manufacturer that makes shoes that are not only wide enough but have a wide toe bed.

My mileage varies between 300-500 miles. I rotate between an older pair that I will wear mostly trail running and a newer pair that I will wear on the road.

I may never have a cool looking shoe - running or otherwise. My feet are just too small and too wide - my options are limited to pretty much only geriatric styles.

ajh said...

I've worn Brooks Adrenaline for years but am considering doing a gait analysis soon.


Everyone knows I love my Newtons.

I also wear gravities. Although I have to admit, they wear out a little quicker than other brands. I get a year, but I don't run in the winter, so it's probably only half a year.

I used to wear Asics 2010, but had major issues ai IMFL 2006, and then also with inflamed bursa in my calf.

Since I switched to Newtons, I have been much better.

Pahla said...

LOVE my Newton Gravitas!! I wore Mizunos for years and really liked them, but I am a natural forefoot striker and most shoes don't protect your forefoot the way Newtons do.
I just had a gait analysis the other day and tried on pretty much every pair of shoes Fleet Feet had in stock, but nothing beats Newtons.
I don't get many miles out of my shoes. Not sure why, but I'm lucky to make it to 250 miles in any brand.

Tri-James said...

I’m probably one of the few people that wear Reeboks. I am fortunate to have a neutral fore/mid foot strike. I can wear just about anything. I like a cushioned training shoe. The Reeboks also have a spacious toe box (ASICS are too tight up front – my pinky toes will rub through the material and stick out). Like all shoes there are different tiers – I only get the Reebok Premier – there is a big difference between their big box store shoes and the Premier line. I also shop out the Reebok outlet mall and that keeps the price in check.

I get about > 1200 miles for 3 pairs of shoes (I rotate).

abbi said...

I'm still on the search for the perfect pair. Right now I'm switching between a pair of Saucony and a pair of Newtons. Between the Saucony and Asics I've had in the past it seems like I'd get about 400 miles and then start to add in a new pair.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am a Brooks slappy

training Trance 9, racer Ravenna, flats ST4

Johann said...

On the road I wear Nike Pegasus. I’ve been running with Pegasus many, many years now (I think it might be nore than twenty years). They are perfect for me and I get an average of 1200km (744 miles) out of a pair. I rotate two pairs and do long runs in the newer pair and short runs in the older pair. If a new model have something I don’t like, I cut it off.

For trails I use NB 410 and if you’ve read my latest post you’ll know they are also perfect for me. I’ve never had any blisters or sore feet with these shoes.

KovasP said...

I used to be a big NB fan, but then I feel they just lost it in term sof quality and design. With their new more minimal trail shoes coming out, I might have to try them again. I'm a neutral runner, so I could probably run in most shoes, though oddly enough most aren't comfortable for me. Last 2 years I've been running the Nike Lunar series (Trainer, Glide) and recently added the Somnio Westridge to the rotation. I'd love to try the new Newton trail shoe, just need to het my HELOC approved so I can afford them.

Unknown said...

Used to wear Asics and had lots of problems with blisters and toenails falling off. They were tight in the toe box.

Switched to Brooks and my feet have never been so happy. I use the Defyance 3 and did some wear testing for the Defyance 4 and they are the best shoe I have ever worn. They should be released soon and I will buy mulitple pairs.

I rotate 2 pair of shoes and usually get around 400 miles per pair. I track my mileage on

misszippy said...

I am so tempted to try Newton's one of these days. You're about the 100th person to rave about them. I wear the Brooks Ravenna. I always have two pairs going at once and rotate them. I write the date I bought them on the heel so that I can remember when to replace them. Anyhow, they've been a good shoe for me. In general, my thoughts on shoes are "if it ain't broken, why fix it?"

Allison said...

My latest pair are Brooks' ... I went and got a gait fitting and had my old nike's analyazed. Brooks' seem to be lighter and better for me.

I have a problem with my feet going numb... I just had to get new bike shoes because of it. I think my feet swell more easily than others.

I just started logging the miles on these shoes so I'm not quite sure how many so far...but I was told to replace every 6 months or so depending on your mileage.

I've gone almost 12 on these but had a good six months after surgery that I was running minimal amounts if any.

I'm sure once I get into higher mileage I'll have to replace sooner.

FYI - calling FIOS today.... many have recommended.

Unknown said...

I was very loyal to New Balances after my local running store recommended them when I started to run. Now that I run regularly, I've transitioned to a pair of Brook Launch and LOVE them.

I'm not brand loyal because I care about how the shoe fits versus what brand I'm supporting. BUT I do think Brooks is an amazing company, so it's nice that their shoe is working for me now.

Andrew Opala said...
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Andrew Opala said...

Asic Gels right now (last 4 months) lived and played in New Balance and then they disappeared from my favorite sports stores so I shopped around and picked the Asics for the store fit.

Incredibly light fit for me (have a wide foot).

I'm a new runner so I don't hurt anywhere - I'm waiting though - it can't be too far away! I'm probably not pushing myself enough. I'll drop you a note when I start puking.

BTW I also wear cotton everywhere and I don't get blisters or rashes. But I only ran 60 miles in August and my top mileage was only 20 per week this month. So I'm certain that my bad form or equipment choices will start to bite me once I get the mileage up.

TRI714 said...

I ran in Nike Pegusis forever. Then moved to Asics gels.I have a lot of miles on them.Just bought a pair a Addidas maraja(I think) and have only got about 20 miles on them. Ive only fealt comfortable the first time I wore them. I ran this a.m. in my Asics and fealt right at home.I will likely be buying another pair of shoes soon. As you know Im a bigger athlete, kind of Barney rubble ish. I'm 5-9 and change and the lightest Ive ever been at peek with single digit body fat was 184 lbs. My target is 190 lbs now, but have a bit to go. Im a nuetral striker but I do need a wide toe box,and those Addidas just dont seem to have it. I may go back back to Asics.

Big Clyde said...

Dude, I like the Newton's. They are kind of retro-colored.

As for me, you helped advise me on getting the Brooks Beast. I really like them, but am new to this whole thing, sooo....nothing really to add here.

Emz said...


roatated every 624 miles.

Jill said...

I could write a novel about my shoe woes over the past 2 years. I used to be a very loyal Asics Kayano wearer, for about 10 years, but when I ran Boston in '09, my feet were going numb about 3 weeks before so I ran the dang race with numb feet. Went through a slew of shoes in the next 8 months, settling on the Saucony Paramonts...but at $170 a pop, I didn't think they were the miracle shoe for the price. So then went to the Ravenna's that MissZippy uses but I SWEAR to all the heavens above, they caused my current heel issue. I now use the Asics Nimbus for training, when my heel allows it, but also use the Saucony Kinvara's for races shorter than a half marathon. LOVE those shoes. And yes, I do rotate, per recommendation of my PT saying my heel would be happier, but honestly it hasn't helped my heel AT ALL.

run4may said...

Currently I wear Nike+LunarElite & Saucony Guide 3

I am obviously not loyal to any particular brand and currently playing the field looking for the perfect shoe. I'm not happy with either shoe.

I usually put in more miles prior to retiring a shoe, about 400-500. I currently rotate between the two shoes. I was fitted by a fleet feet rep and couldn't pick between the two so I purchased both of them... I am miserable in both.


Per my last post, I now use steel belted radials from my wife's SUV. I think they are good for 50,000 miles...
Actually KSwiss for no good reason other than a bunch of pros wear them. Tried Newtons and got some serious Achilles tendon issues prior to IMFL last year... sold those puppies on Ebay.
I have serious heal spurs and am too cheap to go to the doc to get fitted for orthotics so I used that Dr Shoals fitting machine they have in drug stores. Put them in my running shoes, did a little engineering on the front part of the orthotic (they are 3/4 length) and after five 5 milers, my feet feel great. No heal pain next day.
One pair, no rotation, around 400 miles per pair

Jennifer said...

Adidas AdiStar Ride. One pair about 400+ miles, buy a new pair when there is 50+ miles to go and start breaking in the new pair. Fit well and I like them. Then older pair gets used in the gym for weight training and dreadmil running.

DRog said...

I love being able to go to our local shop near the lakes and buy my shoes time after time without having to try them on. Asics Kayano - but now want to try the Newtons


shel said...

jeez, i wear:
saucony kilkenny XC3 cross country flats (road racing/ long runs)
inov-8 f-lite 230s (trail racing/ training)
vibram five fingers
teva protons (in winter)
i wear my shoes until the upper tears, the rubber wears off or they stink so bad you can't take it anymore. obviously i am a minimalist/ barefoot runner, reformed from being a stability shoe girl.

Aimee said...

I love my Brooks racer ST4s. I have been wearing them for awhile now (through 3 new shoe cycles) and don't plan on changing. I know people say you're not supposed to wear trainers for longer distances, but I've worn them for my 1/2 marathons, and throughout my marathon training. I'm planning on wearing them for my marathon too.
I also like my VFF Bikilas! They are awesome!
My feet just don't need all that cushion and are happy with minimal stuff!

Christine Jensen said...

I currently run in Brooks, but I am not completely loyal. I used to run in New Balance mostly because I could consistently find my size in stock at box stores (like Big 5 or Sports Authority); I wear an 11 womens which can be hard to find. As I increased my miles, I found that they were not as good for longer wear for my feet and legs, so I went to the local running store and found my current pair.

I would LOVE to try some racing flats for race day, but have yet to take the plunge to purchase any...hmmm maybe soon.

Rad Runner said...

I will wear what ever the hell makes my feet happy, of course I might scrunch my nose when 1 or 2 of the 5 pairs the nice salesman at roadrunner sports brings out are butt fugly.. (BAD RAD BAD BAD BAD)
But, I wear Mizuno's Wave Inspire 6, I ruv them, I am on my 2nd pair, I do rotate, with an old pair, and my newer soon to be marathon pair. They are awesome!
Yours are pretty bad arse to!

Kathleen said...

I am a big Saucony fan though I have tested out different brands. My first (I think) blog post was about the very large collection of sneakers that I had obtained while trying to find the right pair in the right size. I think my picture had nine pairs in it. Some have been given away but I still have alot of them

KovasP said...

Are you still using those VFFs or whatever minimalist shoe you once posted on? Too lazy to check what they were but I recall you owe your readers a review.

64 CLASSIC said...




Jeri said...

I used to be 100% Asics Nimbus girl, but my last pair were less than awesome, so I recently picked up the Mizuno Wave Riders. So far so good!

EDWARD said...

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