Thursday, September 16, 2010

Virtual Man Half Way Point

The Virtualman virtual Olympic triathlon is just about half over.  Thanks very much to those who have participated, and I'm looking forward to getting additional entries over the rest of the month.

So far the following people have crossed the finish:

Joe Camp
Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)
Bret Petersen
Lucas Tucker

Congrats to DRog and Aimee for being the first to "break the tape" in the men's and women's divisions.  Here's a picture of DRog crossing the line:

I know it's a virtual race, but I didn't expect a finish line to be in anyone's living room.  But hey, whatever you are in to.

There is still time to participate.  Check out the original post here for more details on the race.  And if you need a time sheet, you can download one here.

Good luck!!


Johann said...

I like the finish line in the living room! Have a good weekend Patrick!

Anne said...

Haha! Love the finish line pic :)

Caratunk Girl said...

I am will get mine this weekend.

KovasP said...

Tri this weekend - if nothing else, I'll double my times and send that in. My swim times in the bathtub have been remarkably fast, feels like cheating.

Rad Runner said...

Ok, how'd I miss this. BUT, we have a problem here Roger, can I pull the relay card? (You know I don't have a bike.. and when it comes to water your already snickering at my "pool tri" compliment) :) It's ok laughing is good.. I completed my 10k plus one mile on Thursday, can that count? Oh and Wed. was infact my rest day too~ So, are we a team? YOU bike and swim? Ok. GreaT!

P.S. Once I find the shirt I want to attach those letters to, I will run it by ya. HAVE AN AWESOME TIME THIS WEEKEND! ROCK IT!

Diana Tries-A-Tri! said...

You did get my new spreadsheet when I learned how to use decimals right?

Loving the living room finish line!

Lindsay said...

All these people are missing on the TRUE prize - the famed music collection!

You may want to get proof of DRogs work... He's not even sweaty and we are supposed to believe he ran in khaki shorts?

Patrick Mahoney said...

Diana, my bad...

DRog said...

P-Good Luck this weekend - have a great race!

I'm assuming Valen's race stats from Budapest are disqualified from the VirtualMan Tri Race? haha

lol@ Lindsay!

-this was a "C" race for me this I didn't go with any race gear...and my glory will be short lived since I am guessing I have no shot at the Overall Time Competition!


Julie said...

Good luck this weekend!

The Green Girl said...

Good luck this weekend!

That was the best finish line I've ever seen. If my niece was holding the ribbon I know I'd move faster!

Unknown said...

damn gotta fill the sheet out ...


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