Friday, October 15, 2010

One. Bad. Documentary.

I just rented Area 51: The Alien Interview from video on demand and I'm not sure why.  Because it was horrible.  It's not like I am really into alien conspiracy theories either.  So there goes one hour and forty minutes + $4.99 that I'll never get back.  What I should have rented was Client 9 about the downfall of Eliot Spitzer.

The premise of the documentary surrounds a video taped alien interview stolen from Area 51 by some guy (a/k/a "Victor") who used to work there.  It's weak.  Like most nut cases, Victor has a way of making a weird kind of sense until you factor in the darkened face and electronically altered voice.  Plus these types of guys always say something super lame during their interview (usually near the end) which effectively destroys any credibility they may have built up for themselves.  I call it the verbal twitch, and it can't be stopped.  Read more about the movie here if you'd like.

For those of you who roll with a very low dork quotient, Area 51 is part of Nellis Military Operations Area 135 miles north of Las Vegas and is supposedly where the government keeps it's vast collection of captured alien hardware.  Some say there are some aliens living there too.  It's too bad the government doesn't let them have a night out on the town.  Who wouldn't love to see a bunch of beady eyed short bald guys with long arms dressed in bad western wear getting wasted on watered down casino bourbon?  I wouldn't play poker with them, though.  Because they can read minds. 

By the way, I do believe there is intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe.

If you ever find yourself on the Nevada/California border, don't waste your time driving over to try and get close to Area 51.  Rather, go check out  the ghost town Rhyolite, it's way cooler.


KovasP said...

How do we know there is intelligent life in the universe? They haven't tried to contact us.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

When I use to live in Arizona, they have ghost towns galore, all you need is a 4x4 vehicle to get to most of them, just they are fun to explore.

Tri-James said...

They haven't tried to contact us.

That is why they are intelligent!

Unknown said...

hmmm ... I spent last night adjusting the risers on my aero bars over and over again and after reading this I no longer feel like a dork!

Jennifer said...

Ha, didn't you know Michael Jackson was an alien? And Elvis too; he isn't dead, he just went home.

Lucas R. Tucker said...

Rhyolite seems neat.

Sadly, I roll with a very high dork quotient. Ever seen bing bang thearoy on CBS? Not quite that bad, but not too far off (and if yo ahve seen it socially, I'm a lot like Sheldon)

Emz said...

you look a little hairy in your swim photo.

DRog said...

LOLOLOLOL @ Jeff! hahaha

I cant believe Spitzer got a tv show on cnn!


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