Friday, October 8, 2010

Photo Friday

Partially inspired by Q over at Q On The Move when he recently posted an amazing photo of himself as a kid and partly due to a series of events which resulted in me getting my hands on a few old photos, I've got a Friday afternoon photo essay for you.


I just found this on Facebook, and it's horrifying to say the least.  Outside of it being 1986 and me being in a position where I was trying to look as punk rock as possible AND hold down my stock room job at Marshalls, there are no excuses for the hair.  No wonder I didn't get a date for the prom.

And speaking of the prom, here's a little known fact - I was terrified of girls in high school.  So it's probably for the best that I didn't go to the prom anyway. 

Note I'm also a little pudgy.


I just got this picture too.  Better hair?  Check, though in hindsight, the bleaching was too obvious a move.  Baby fat gone?  Check.  But wait....are those Women's Tretorn tennis shoes I'm wearing?  And is that duct tape wrapped around my right foot?  Sadly, yes and yes.  Why?  I have no idea.  I'm also still afraid of girls at this point but at least I had a guitar to hide behind.

PHOTO 3 - HAWAII, 2006

OK, Ian is cute as hell and Mary looks great.  However, I am a bloated mess.  That's what a few years of stress, crappy food, and mad boozin' does to you I guess.  That said, Ian is definitely mine so I had managed to get over my fear of girls by this point.


I took this photo just now.  I'm not trying to be funny, but I think there is some "Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" shit going down.  I guess this exercise stuff really works.  And I'm still not afraid of girls anymore, except for maybe EMZ.


Diana Tries-A-Tri! said...

Wow! I think this exercise stuff DOES work. Well done Patrick and good looking family!

Also, I think I'm scared of EMZ too. She could knock me out with that buckle ...

Kathleen said...

Fun post!
Ian sure is a cutie!
Great tranformation. Good work!
I wonder how many people will know about Tretorns? They were really popular way back in the day.

Aimee said...

Love the pics! That first one is hilarious! Oh the hair dos!
Ian is just adorable! :)

Pahla said...

Pics from the 80s are always scary! You look WAY better and younger now than just four years ago - that's amazing! Well done, sir.

Rad Runner said...

Photo #1 the cure?
Photo#2 Bad ass mofo
Photo #3 vs. photo numero 4 you look great! Way to love that body!

DRog said...

Great Post, Great Pics!
Congrats on the weight loss and the new lifestyle! It def looks good on you.

OC is this weekend? Race it Bro!!


Lindsay said...

hahaha. old school pics are so fun. the "fashion" we had... making fun of my old self is probably why i don't even bother with looking stylish now.

congrats on conquering your fear of women somewhere between '88 and '06.

ajh said...

Where did you used to live that you miss the foliage?

Jill said...

Congrats on the weight loss, that's fabulous. And I agree, Ian is super cute :).

Unknown said...

Great pictures! And you should be scared of Emz... she's a badass! :)

Unknown said...

Great photo essay! At least you didn't have "big" hair like we girls did. Yikes!

Love, love the transformation.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Holy crap! What a metamorphosis! I can't get over the last 2. The difference is incredible. You've really turned things around. Thanks for sharing!

KovasP said...

Love the progress! Tretorn did make men's shoes, as did Keds, so maybe you weren't as out there as you imagine. The best place in those days to shop for dead couch pants (aka punk plaids) was the Wet Seal, definitely a girl store.

Anne said...

Love the pics :) ...what a're so fit and strong now. Well, maybe not as strong as EMZ ;)

Quinton J said...

homie...everyone is afraid of EMZ.

Photo#1: A ladies Man.
Photo#2: A Man rockin' out.
Photo#3: A Man who EATS Newtons.
Photo#4: A Man who WEARS Newtons.

Nice Post...Nice Throwback.

Andrew Opala said...

Re: first photo
Are you the one in the middle?

Re: family photo
You all look cute!

re: The last one
great metamorphosis!

You've been passing yourself off as an old guy - but you're younger than me if 86 was your junior year! There's no way I can achieve what you've been achieving [sigh]!

face it you're awesome!

TRI714 said...

that is a rad stage shot, so Joe Strummer via London Calling.Family is outstanding, You looked like Doug from King of Queens in that shot. your in a whole different world now homie.

Chris K said...

Looks like you won The Biggest Loser. I am going to take a pic of you and me in Feb next year. And, you better frigging smile.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Benjamin Button goin' on. Amazing difference... and oh, how I do not miss the fashions of the 80s. I could empty an entire can of hairspray within a week... and that was just on my bangs.

Barbie said...

Love all the photo's. You look like a totally different person now. Well done to you :)

Big Clyde said...

Dude, amazing transformation of yourself.

Well done. I'm getting excited for your O.C. tri.

The Green Girl said...

I was having a conversation about this yesterday during my half marathon. We were pondering if running did make people look younger because so many people in our running group look years younger than they are.

I must ask, are your jeans just tapered in that shot or did you also fold and taper them in more?

Glenn Jones said...

Great photos Patrick! Thanks for sharing them. I need to scan some of my old ones. Talk about frightening!


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