Monday, October 18, 2010

What's next?

My triathlon season is over for the year.  Part of me is a little sad - it was an awesome season, and I am amazed how much I learned about the sport and myself.  But part of me is excited to mix things up a little bit over the winter.  Besides, next year will be here soon enough.

I know I said my plan was to take a bit of a break for the rest of October.  But it's easier said than done.  I really don't want to slow down.  OK, maybe I'll cut back some of the double sessions for awhile and scale back a little bit in other places.  But "taking time off" is just not in the cards.

So today I put these on for the first time in awhile:

New Balance 875 trail shoes
Since I was pretty sure that "random snake (sometimes poisonous) slithering on the trail" season is over until next Spring, I went here...

Bolsa Chica Wetlands Preserve run 7 miles without a Garmin or a heart rate monitor.  I had a great time.  And since many of you noticed a photo from my last post as being the first photo I've uploaded in which I'm smiling, I figured I'd follow up with this one:

Post run, in the car...can't say there isn't a little Rad Runner influence here.
Though I wouldn't call this a smile, I'm not playing poker with the camera either.  Wow, two days in a row with emotion showing on my face!!  This might be a record.

That said, I got this photo off of today.  I know Jeff, I need to start taking spacers out and get into a more aggressive aero position.  I will work on this, I promise.  But I just wanted to remind everyone myself that I still have a game face, though I suppose in this situation it's OK.

Bike course, Big Rock Triathlon
What I really need to do is start a half marathon training program.  Today would have been the day to start a 16 week plan for the Surf City Half Marathon.  I searched the Web for training plans yesterday.  But unfortunately, I have selective ADD, especially when it comes to Web searches - when I can't find what I need quickly, I lose interest and start reading blogs again.

The problem with all the plans I looked at were that outside additional things like speed-work, the overall weekly mileage early in the plans are way below what I already do.  So beyond adding the specific workouts, I'm not sure what the best course of action is.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Though it's still 7 months away, Ironman 70.3 Hawaii will soon (if it isn't already and I just don't know it yet) be my primary focus.  I have broad goals in place. On the conservative side, I want to finish the race as strong as possible.  I know I could get through the swim and the bike today if I had to, but running a half marathon after a fifty-six mile ride is what scares me.  I want to "run" the run.  This doesn't mean I'd blow through every aid station or anything like that, I just want to be able to look back and say I put in a solid performance.

On the "dare to dream" side, I'd like to be able to be in a position to maintain the pace(s) from last Saturday's race over double the distance, plus change.  If I can come close to that, I'll be thrilled.

So this is what's next.  I'll be throwing in a 5 or 10K every once in awhile just to make the training more interesting.  Also there are a few local triathlons next April and May I won't want to miss.  But in all honesty, my "off season" lasted one day (yesterday) where I ate like a complete jerk and loved every minute of it.  I still went swimming though.


KovasP said...

Great end to the season! When you say only 16 weeks to Surf City, that sounds so soon. For the half, I'd definitely suggest adding speedwork and, more importany, hills.

Johann said...

I don't have an off season so 1 day sounds good to me. I'm sure you don't need a half marathon program, you are more than ready for that anytime.

J. L. said...

I'm in the off season (mine started August 29th) and my half marathon is in 3 weeks. Try to enjoy the half marathon training! And add the hills and speedwork training. I looked at a lot of training plans and basically went with whatever fits in with my schedule for the week, but kept the long runs consistent with a plan I'd found. ENJOY yourself RUNNING

Unknown said...

I wouldn't stress about a formal half marathon plan. Sounds like you could do it any day. Maybe you can pull a few together and make your own.

You'll do awesome in Hawaii... plenty of time to get you where you want to be!

Glenn Jones said...

Love the Rad Runner reference!

How many miles are you currently *running* per week? There aren't too many Half Marathon specific training plans out there. You might try Hal Higdon's website. Click on training plans and then on half marathon.

TRI714 said...

Nice focused ride picture. You'll be more than fine on the 1/2 Marathon. I would say most importantly would be to keep adding some hills. In looking at the website as I ponder my descision to jump in, it looks like some long rollers in there which we know well from rides. Never the less, there they are. Maybe I shouldn't tell you what you need to do and just focus on what I need to do. I've not even hit the 10 mile mark yet, but I feel that coming quick.
p.s. like the goofy look, gives you personality on film that you have in person.

Jill said...

Have you ever read "Brain Training for Runners" by Matt Fitzgerald? He's one of my all-time favorites and has some great training in his book, including a half marathon. I like his drills, especially.

Nice job on the season - that's great you're looking forward to 2011 already. Goals are good :).

Unknown said...

your position looks pretty good to my untrained eyes (-;

With you getting into the longer courses you probably don't want to take out the spacers. Comfort is important too. You may want to try removing one spacer, get used to it, then another and so forth. But if you are comfortable your position is fine.

Oh, and with your run volume over the last few months you really do not need a specific HM plan. Keep up the volume and work in tempo, fartleks and speed intervals and you'll do great.

Allison said...

I'm training for my first half in December and then my first 70.3 in April... you keep me motivated!!!!!

Aimee said...

Good for you for going on a trail run sans Garmin! That must have been so fun. :)

It sounds like you already have a great bast for your half marathon. So, I would just maintain the longer distance runs and incorporate more speed work/tempo runs into your workouts.

Ransick said...

Do you log your workouts somewhere? (Sorry if it's a link on your blog I missed). If you are run focused, I like the idea of 2-3 short, 2 medium, and 1 long run a week with the short being 1/3 the long run and the medium being 2/3 the long run. The short and long runs are easy. The medium ones you do speed work or tempo runs.

I read it on a blog here

The Green Girl said...

Oh my gosh, your Rad Runner face cracked me up. She tries so hard to make me 'pose' but I am so not into that. Heh.

I love the Bolsa Chica Wetlands.

valen said...

you look killer in that photo, poor the guy ahead of you, he may be s**tting his lycra pants.

about your HM, I'm not sure what mileage you weekly, but with 1 long (70 to 110min), one medium (45 min) and some speedwork (30 min) and hill reps (30 min) I end up running about 50km a week and can finish a decent HM. I usually don't run 21 km or more, only on race day... it's a trust thing. I trust the program will work.

DRog said...

Freedom with no HR monitor and Garmin! The position looks great to me! Like I know anything...

Rad Runner said...

Shout out what what! Running electronic free is the way to be (sometimes) I like the rhyme, I had to do it yesterday because my crazy ass just HAD TOO run 3 miles 2 days after the marathon, it made my legs feel so much better!
Your right, toneing it down isnt in the cards, your a pro!We only do that crap if our body really asks us.

Caratunk Girl said...

I think you look awesome on the bike, but I am no expert.

If the HM plan is for your HIM - I agree with Jeff. Keep up the volume and work in tempo, fartleks and speed intervals and you'll do great. Plus you have it mentally in you to push hard. Can I have some of that please?? :)

Emz said...

So I'm confused are you really "high"?! I want that shirt.

When are you going to get sweet new shirts for us to beg off you? I enjoy "free[ing] myself" once a week but . . . .

Chris K said...

I'm with you on the offseason. You do need to rest some. For sure. But for us So Cal folks, winter is still a great time to train.

I just starting using my reflector vest, headlamp, and red blinking clip-on light and starting running after work. It's frigging awesome. Perfect temps too.

I'll email you my thoughts on a training plan.


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