Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Favorite T-Shirts

I rarely wear anything other than a t-shirt.  They are usually cheap and always easy to deal with.  I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I seldom go anywhere that requires much more.

I'm pretty specific when it comes to prints, though.  I tend to go for simple, verbage-centric designs, with the less colors the better.  I also avoid anything that is over the top or remotely tough guy looking (i.e. Affliction) like the plague.  Which is funny, because I design and manufacture these sorts of tee's for clients all the time.

The truth is I probably have not worn a t-shirt that I've made since the mid nineties, and it was probably either a Radiohead or Oasis t-shirt (Note to EMZ:  This is when I liked music).

Anyway, here are 4 of my current favorites.

I just got this tee recently and I love it.  I ride a Bianchi, but even if I didn't I would like this tee regardless.  It's a pretty cool looking retro print.  And I've also always been a sucker for maroon.  It must be because I lived right next to Boston College for so many years.

By the way, it's good that I ride a Bianchi, because if I didn't I might not be able to wear this shirt.  I have rules.  It's complicated.

This is the shop tee for Outspoke-n bike shop here in Huntington Beach.  It's a fairly new shop, and though they are still working hard to get their product assortment right, they've built a great retail experience in terms of shop decor and staff.  Everyone who works there is super cool, and the mechanic is great.  I've been taking my bikes there a few months now.

They don't actually know it yet, but they will be sponsoring me next year when I do Ironman Hawaii 70.3.


Runner's High
This is a tech tee from a local running shop called Runner's High and is pretty much my go-to tee for running.  I have the same design in red as well.  It's simple.  I probably would have capitalized that "H" in "high", but that's just me.  And since endurance sports is the only way I'll ever get "high" again, the tee has a nice personal motivational message built right in.

The downside is that Runner's High is not a Newton dealer, which complicates things somewhat.  But I give them my business when I can.

Though I'm not a huge fan of most "California Couture" lines like RVCA, Paul Frank and Howe, I've always been a Shepard Fairey fan.  So I think think the Obey stuff is cool, as long as it's simple.

I met Shepard when he was an art student in Providence.  He would come up to Boston to skate and go to shows.  Somewhere I have a hand made silk screen of Andre The Giant on a piece of really hideous looking wallpaper.  I wonder if it's worth anything?


Emz said...


Love this post.

I love me my old school OBEY shirts.

Hey where's MY shirt [wink, wink] as a FAV?!?!?!

KovasP said...

My favorite shirts are all sans text. A red+orange Patagonia tee, my Buckle Haters Anonymous tee (that one does have text), one with a Pushead drawing, and the green Champion tech tee I won from SUAR (seriously love the color and how it feels).

Allison said...

I love tshirts! My current favorite is a super soft cotton Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop Tee I got in Austin a few weeks ago - super cute and soft!!

One Crazy Penguin said...

Great shirts! My favorite race tee is an under armour that says "Fast, Faster, Fastest". Super comfy, but at the end of a long race I sometimes want to kick the people that are cheering that exact phrase at me. My legs won't move faster much less fastest! :p

Jan[et] Cicelia said...

I live in T-shirts too. My current fav is a tech T from a local race, The Perfect 10-Miler. I've no idea what this fabric is but it's the most comfy running T, ever.

Quinton J said...

I don't care for T's much. I don't see the point.

TRI714 said...

Cool shirt. I knid of like to keep it simple too.
I also went to Outspoken, meet the tech and he is super cool. I am down with that shop because they are trying to keep it real. I also like that they carry Cannondale. Although I'm pretty sold out on this 2010 Focus close out they have/had? They may have sold it by now. But they are cool.

Emz said...

Q's a liar. He'd wear an Emz shirt.

Christi said...

Great t-shirts!

Quinton J said...

EM...I just told you...I don't wear t-shirts. Button-down linens or no shirt at all. Just the way I was brought up I guess.

Lucas R. Tucker said...

great post. i think it might be worth stealing! Two of my most recent favorite are race shirts.

valen said...


maroon rules,

ShutUpandRun said...

I like those shirts that evoke a response. Surprises you, huh? My favorite in 8th grade was Itty Bitty Titty Committee, but I've moved on. Well, not really. Have you seen me lately?

Quinton J said...

SU&R…lol…that reminds me of a shirt at my school used to wear:
It had 2 teddy bears on it and it said:
“Don’t Look at my Teddy’s”

Jason said...

T-Shirts are how I roll as well. Nothing like a good T. Right now I have one that was a 'tourist' purchase from Cozumel but had to get it b/c it has turtles on it and I have to say that the turtle is my favorite animal.

DRog said...

Same bike shop that caught you cheating with the Bianchi?

ajh said...

When I was looking at the shirts I was thinking, "Why didn't they capitalize that H?" But I figure that is the teacher in me.

Joel said...

Seems like most of my tshirts have some sort of college sports team printed on them. What can I say...I love the Gators & the Tar Heels!

Lindsay said...

i wish i could wear t-shirts everywhere... stupid corporate america dress code!

Aimee said...

Nice shirts! I don't wear a lot of t-shirts either. But, one I tend to wear every once in awhile is one that reads "Free Yourself." Have you heard of it? Ha ha! :)

Anonymous said...

Afflictions shirts are quickly becoming the Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier shirts.

Glenn Jones said...

One of my favorites is one that says something like "free yourself" or something like that (I'm serious Patrick!)

The Green Girl said...

The lack of R capitalization would bug me, too. I really need consistency.


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