Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Aprés Triathlon + Heroes Of The Week

I ended up going out to a function last night.  And since there is a better chance of this blog falling by the wayside before I have to (semi) dress up again, I figured I'd seize the opportunity and present you with The Road's first and probably only installment of "What's He Wearing?"

There wasn't enough time to get Nigel Barker in for a photo-shoot (not to mention I don't actually know him),  so I had to take the picture with my I-phone.  However, I am pleased to have created this opportunity to refer to myself in the 3rd person and get away with it, so here we go:

Patrick is wearing:

Navy pin-stripe jacket by Geoffery Beene ($ - Don't remember); Traditional oxford cloth shirt by Penguin ($ - Ask Mary); Dark denim skinny jeans from G-Star Raw ($ - Free); Old skool "Gazelle" trainers by Adidas ($70.00).  Not Shown:  Wool cycling socks from Castelli ($15.00)

Moving on.  It's been so freakin' cold here, and as a result I have a new appreciation for all of you who have to train in the colder temperatures.  I bet Craig from Let's Do This Again feels the same way.  So if you live in the following places you are our heroes, because we have no idea how you get out there and do it:

All of Canada
Washington DC
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota
West Virginia
And if you read EMZ's post last week, apparently Arizona can get cold as well.

Well done, people!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Its 29 degrees and snowing right now in Ohio

Matty O said...

All dressed up and no smile. Loved the wardrobe break down too haha. Sounds like mine, no clue, ask wife, dont remember, shoes... check haha.

Yeah, it gets super cold up north. Our wind chill is what bites man. It will be negative 20 degrees with the darn wind chill factor thrown in. The worst is running through the slush and your shoes getting wet and heavy at the beginning of your long run... no good.

Emz said...

Heck ya -it's cold. FREAKING cold. My heater is on 66 right this second. It's 54 out. No open door today, my friend.

Dark denim skinny jeans from G-Star Raw - good pick. but. . . $0.00? you are possibly a better shopper than me?!?! Do you steal things?!

I'd like to know the cost of the glasses.

Oh, and I need to do a post like this [how much everything costs that I wear --- fabulouos idea.] I'm the sale girl. but no $0.00's here.

Emz said...

Matty-O --- whine, whine, wine.
wait..... squirt cream, squirt cream, squirt cream.

KovasP said...

I think Nigel might have cleaned you up a bit, tucked the shirt in and changed the shoes. This is more Mpplethorpe if you ask me, minus any protruding bullwhips.

Adrienne said...

What about Utah! I was there last week and almost froze to death....thank goodness I'm back in AZ

Looking good buddy!

TRI714 said...

Kick azz breakdown. I would run that in a heartbeat. I maybe would have thrown on my best black newsboy hat, but hey that's just the Mick in me.

I also love the entire list, can't believe you took the time to jot them all down. BRAVO, master Mahoney head, Bravo!

Check em out ladies, smart, hansome,clearly caring and sensative with a touch of class and cleans up pretty good out of lycra.
Castelli cycling socks (bwahhh) love it.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Adrienne, Snap, I missed the second page of states I printed out. All fixed.

Quinton J said...

Is this a sign of things to come? A wardrobe breakdown before each post?

The cold weather isn't that bad. you crank the heat and dress appropriately. I'd contend that the worst part is loosing so much day-light.

We’re still pretty bad-ass though. Not as bad-ass as you all decked out...but bad-ass still.

Jason said...

You got the 2nd page but you left us North Texans out....we are not far from Oklahoma and it gets cold here. Last two morning I spent on the treadmill because it was 30 degrees when I was heading out for my run.

BTW - the gazelles rock. Very close to my favorite shoe...Have been a fan of the Samba all my life.

misszippy said...

First, the outfit--nice work. I'm sure Stacey and what's his face would approve.

Second--yes, you do need to make us cold-landers heroes, b/c we are tough and get it done in the REAL cold! ; )

Christi said...

I love hte wardrobe and thanks for the love for all us cold landers!

Diana Tries-A-Tri! said...

Uh Washington State!?!?!

Looking sharp!

DRog said...

props to us still if we have been bailing to the treadmill for two weeks straight?

I mean we do have to walk from our car into the club in single digit temps:)

Jennifer said...

Love the shoes!

ajh said...

Great outfit esp. the shoes! Yes, it gets cold here. I'm okay if I go right off in the morning before my brain awakens and lets me realize how cold it is.

Aimee said...

NICE outfit! And, love the shoes! :)

Fat for a Triathlete said...

Gets pretty cold in Melbourne in winter, but it's coming into summer now :D

And agree with Aimee, love the shoes!

Unknown said...

yeah 61 to 34 degrees today in 4 hours with snow and sleet today...Awesome!! Nice pic G-Q!! Ha ha!

Jill said...

It was 59 degrees in Denver today, I won't complain about the weather here in winter - at least not daily. Lived in Alabama for a stretch and I can honestly say winter there sucks more than Colorado. Well, at least we have scenery in Colorado - not much to look at in an ice storm in Alabama. I honestly have to look at a map when we moved to AL cuz I wan't even sure anyone lived there and it was part of the US anymore :).

Hey, can you email me your maiing address for the blog love gift exchange?? Just need so your blog bud can send you an awesome present!! Just reply to this comment :)

btw, looking mighty good. "mighty" Kovas has to be squirmig in envy right now.

Unknown said...

I feel bad for all the peeps in the cold. It was 32 here this morning but it was 70 by 1pm. It was nice running in the cool temps though.

I got fat when I lived in the NorthEast in the winters. It really sucked, the ice, snow, bitter winds, road salt ... I never did anything but sit around and eat. They should all really move to a warmer climate!

Shawn said...

Yo Patrick

"Cause everybodys crazy bout a sharp dressed man"

You da man!!!

Tortuga_Runner said...

Great blog, and thanks for stopping by. Helping anyone get closer to a PB&J is pure heart felt giving. Honestly, the gift of PB&J in my world is a highly coveted gift gift indeed.

Johann said...

I can just imagine how you felt in that outfit. I'm giving our year end function a skip because the invite said "dress smart - black, white & silver only". They will not get me there!
Cheers to all the cold heroes! 1 December is our 1st official day of summer!

MissFit Island said...

It is 28 and snowing here in Cleveland and I have the pleasure of all the lake effect snow. I just made plans to go running with my friend after work. I only have to worry about the black ice:-)

Andrew Opala said...

aw shucks ... running in the cold is nothing ... it's dodging the snow plows and the polar bear hunters that's tough!

Black Knight said...

I am not a hero ... because I live in a very good italian zone never too cold or too hot.

Glenn Jones said...

I agree wholeheartedly. I have no idea how those folks do it!


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