Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Iron Christmas Day Two

The Goal:

Wednesday 12/22 - This is a key day.  I'll need to take a longer lunch, get a ride to the gym to swim my 1.2 miles, change into running clothes, run back to work to get the rest of the running miles in, suffer through the rest of the day with just a wet-nap shower, go home and clean up, pick up Ian, go to the airport to pick up my sister and stop by the gym on the way home to pick up my swim stuff.  A stressful day, but doable.
 The Result:  No run; Swimming - 2100 yards/59:53; no wet-nap shower.

The pool.  This must be about 3 AM because it's never empty.

Today was day 2 of the Iron Christmas virtual 70.3 triathlon.  Here is the report:

I've never claimed to be a fast swimmer.  In fact, long time readers of The Road will recall that I've complained more than once about my decided lack of speed.  Yet, I've done 2100 yards much faster than this before, so I'm not really sure what happened tonight.

It may have something to do with the fact that the pool was utter chaos - kids where cannon-balling into the water aerobics lane and a guy with snorkeling gear didn't think that the lane ropes applied to him since he was swimming mostly underwater.  Though I was lucky enough to only have to split a lane, my lane partner was a woman who was wearing (what I believed to be) officially licensed Betty Boop arm floaties, while propelling herself along using a frog kick with at least an 8 foot radius.  She also had a tendency to drift towards the center line.

Needless to say, we got tangled up a few times.

I didn't check my split times but I feel like I got faster when she finally got out.  But it was too late into the swim and the damage was already done.  I'll probably be the last out of the water.  But it's totally fine because I'm used to it.

I didn't end up running the last 5 miles that I owe to the race like I had hoped to.  Finding the time today was looking grim from the start, so I made a tactical decision to move the run until tomorrow.  Tomorrow's plan is a 20 mile ride/5 mile run brick workout in and around the Back Bay of Newport.  Then I'll finish the race off on Friday morning with another ride.

I hope everyone else that's in the race is getting it done...


KovasP said...

You need to man up, get the wetsuit on, and hop in the ocean. No lap lanes in Hawaii.

Jason said...

Since I didn't swim at all last year at this time please tell me this is just holiday traffic.

I didn't have long-legged Grandma or kids but the pool was jam packed yesterday as well for me.

And I had two snorklers but they kept in their lanes.

I have never seen so many people at the pool before and it was 5am.

Keep up the great work at this challenge/race.

Christi said...

Oh the travails of swimming in a public pool! Wouldn't it be great if we could all have our own pools! :)

Unknown said...

"my lane partner was a woman who was wearing (what I believed to be) officially licensed Betty Boop arm floaties" - HYSTERICAL, but only because I totally believe you!

Rae said...

Sorry Betty Boop hogged your lane! At least you got it done though! Good luck on your ride and run!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Adrienne said...

lol at kovas's comment. I give you props for even attempting this race the week of christmas! That's awesome.

Aimee said...

Oh man, that pool experience is classic! Ha ha..Betty Boop! :)

Barbie said...

I hate it when you get slower swimmers in your lane. Especially ones who decide to do Breastroke and hog the whole lane. SHeeeeesssshhh.

Hope you have a Merry Xmas Patrick

TRI714 said...

Way to get after it P.

Kovas, that water looked like tubular poop out there. And to cap that off I saw no less than a dozen knuckleheads gearing up to go out. Now I'm no saint I have surfed just after a lite rain, even a decent rain. But I'm telling you there was a point 24 hours ago at which I have never seen it rain like this in 38 years. That water is unsafe for sharks right now, and I wish they would ALL die.

valen said...

I agree with Kovas... you are in Cali... for god's sake!

Unknown said...

Sorry buddy I was laughing my ass off reading about your pool experience, probably not that funny for you )-:

Dude, you need to take a business trip to Houston. We'll get some kick ass swim trainings in and my masters coach will make you fast in a couple of sessions! My arms still hurt from this mornings masters class! My coach and her husband and husbands brother all decided to swim with us today - they are all former D-1 all-american college swimmers - it was a hell of a workout. The cool part was that me and my buddy were able to hang and were actually last ones out of the pool. You'd love it!

Pahla said...

LMAO at the Betty Boop lane hog. Hello!?! Trying to compete in a virtual race here! Way to get-r-done, though.

Shawn said...

I come from a long line of sinkers so I have nothing but respect for people who endure swimming....mine consists of being on a floaty with a wobbly pop in hand.

Happy holidays Patrick, nice to hav "followed" along this year.


Kate Geisen said...

You will never be last out of the pool as long as I'm in the competition too. And don't be hatin on my Betty Boop floaties. lol


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