Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've decided to sell a bunch of stuff on eBay.  I had some things sitting around that were not being used, like guitars that have no real long term prospects for any real appreciation in value.  It was time to unlock the equity and put the cash-flow to good use.  So far, so good - I've sold a bunch of cycling jerseys and a wetsuit.  I also think one of the guitars is about to go.

That said, my fast igniting temper has already been tested, and so far I've scored low.  Consider this recent exchange for example:

Mens 1/2 Zip Cycling Jersey By Castilli - Size XL
Mens 1/2 Zip Cycling Jersey By Castilli - Size XL
Item Id:280649772874
End time:Apr-01-11 12:29:44 PDT

Dear posse17281,

Is this really brand new? It looks used so if new, how did you acquire and why are you selling? I typically don't buy from sellers with so few transactions.
-name withheld

Dear name withheld,

I bought it from World Cycling Productions a few weeks ago and it was too big. I believe I paid $40 or $45. BTW, if you don't usually buy from new users, then don't feel like you have to start on my account. Because you kinda/sorta just suggested I'm not being truthful, and then continued to kinda/sorta insult me because I'm new to eBay. Really? You are that guy? Awesome.


- posse17281
It's a good thing I don't work in retail, huh?  Assuming I can stop alienating potential customers, here's what I'm thinking of turning the cash in to:

3T Brezza Aerobars for the TT bike

Fi'zi:k Antares saddle for the TT Bike

FSA SLK carbon compact crank-set for the Bianchi

I am taking Friday off and riding down to Oceanside with Nan Kappeler from T-Mat Pro and a friend of hers.  Ironman 70.3 California is on Saturday.  So we are going to check out the race expo and then I'm taking the train home.  Jason from Cook, Train, Eat, Race is going to be there.  I have his cell phone and he has mine.  Hopefully, we'll meet up.

Craig, I'm still riding Saturday as well.  If so, I'll meet you at the spot.  7:00 AM.


Maggs said...

That's funny that you replied. I sold some stuff on craigslist recently and I think I could write a book about the asinine emails and phone calls I got. I was selling a nursing book and at one point I almost didn't sell it to the gal because I was afraid that she might actually become a nurse.

Unknown said...

sending you a virtual high five for that response!! love it.

why not forgo Ebay and list the bike stuff on slowtwitch or BT?? Im sure you will get a good response there too.

That crank is it.

Have fun at IMCA and give Jason a big ole WOO HOOO from me :D

KovasP said...

No soup for you! You've got the soup nazi sales method down pat. Have a great weekend of riding.

Michael said...

Oh my gosh that's hilarious! I'm thinking customer service is not your strong suit :)

Jennifer said...

I have done a bunch stuff with Ebay too and there are some real winners out there. I had someone try and get me to ship a welder I was selling (think 200 lbs)to Alaska for free! Your story is very funny. Have fun at the expo

Unknown said...

Those 3T bars are sweet! And dude you seriously have to try out an Adamo saddle? All you Fi'zi:k lovers still get the numb taint thing. I was talking with a Fi'zi:k buddy the other day and he says, "Well it is a lot less numb then other saddles!" -- like that is a good thing? Adamo = zero numbness.

Any offers on the Gibson?

TRI714 said...

all good buys. And your gonna love that seat. What rear cassette are you running on your wheels ?? Ill hit you up tonight if Im in for Saturday fo sho. Im in, I just dont think I have the time to do
70+ miles. I may have to do b ride or imprivise on A.

Unknown said...

Loved the response! If he didn't think you were being honest, what made him think you would be honest in your reply. He was probably surprised by your brutal honestly!

Jill said...

I've never sold but have bought on ebay...but I've never asked any questions. Too funny.

Have a great ride this weekend!

Chris K said...

You crack me up. I want to know, did that email exchange really happy? I don't know, seems too funny for it to actually happen. Can you please post the screen shot of it.

Kelsey: the Blonde Bullet said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok, so the boyfriend sells his new and used bike stuff on Ebay all the time. And he's ALWAYS complaining about how ridiculous the questions that people come up with are. He's like you, has no patience for it. So I've seen him send a snarky response or too. I work in ecommerce, so I kind of can relate. But I was never sure if we were just being the jerks for having no patience.

THANK YOU for confirming that the real problem is the idiots shopping and asking stupid questions. Great post. Made my day. Thank you.

Caratunk Girl said...

Love that response. I am late to the party again. Anyway, that is the best response ever. LOVE IT.


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