Monday, June 27, 2011


By the time I was finally standing in line to board my flight back home from Oakland this afternoon, I was tired and annoyed.  I was tired because I raced yesterday and then had to get up this morning at 5:00 to catch the flight north.  I was annoyed because generally speaking, airports annoy me.  Add this to the fact that I had just endured 2 people in front of me in the gift shop line who insisted on paying for their purchases in exact change.  I've always felt that paying with exact change always takes longer than the generally accepted cash register time allowance per customer.  In fact, it's almost as bad as people who still write checks at the supermarket.  Plus, both of them were digging deep and counting out pennies and nickels.  I always pay with bills.  The change goes to Ian - Stanford is expensive.

While waiting for the gate agent to call for passengers with "B" boarding passes (that's Southwest Airlines code for a best case window or aisle seat in the back of the plane), my iPhone beeped.  It was an email from XLMIC asking if I was going to be posting a Metrosexual Triathlete Tip Of The Week tonight.  I emailed back saying no, probably not.  In fact, I was most likely going to blow off my swim workout and just go home instead.  I was tired.  And I was annoyed.

When I got to my seat, my iPhone beeped again.  It was another email from XLMIC which simply read:


I sat down and right away started feeling guilty.  She was right - there was NO REASON that the Metrosexual Triathlete Tip Of The Week post should be delayed.  So I decided right then and there to man up, get home and write the post.  As the plane taxied to the runway, I closed my eyes to take a nap.  I was going to need some rest if I was going to write the post.  But as I was drifting off to sleep, it occurred to me that XLMIC might have been referring to the swim.

When we landed, I got off the plane and made straight for my car.  When I got to the freeway, I headed south towards the gym instead of north towards home.  I was going to get that swim in.

It turns out that swimming was a good call.  The gym near the airport has a better pool than the gym near my house.  What makes it better?  No one ever uses it - I had a lane to myself the entire time.

The workout:

800 free warm-up
400 w/ paddles and pull buoy
4 x 50 over/under
200 kick
900 pyramid; 1-2-3-2-1 on :20

Though I like the sentiment, I must admit that I am not a fan of the term "HTFU".  This is because it's got too much of a "tough guy/mixed martial arts" vibe for my taste.  Don't get me wrong, I most definitely have the mouth of a trucker.  But I like my cussin' to have a certain refined irony attached to it.  And I'm quite sure that the original framers of the term "HTFU" were not the ironic types.

But you take what you can get, and I needed a good HTFU shoved in my face this evening.  Thanks XLMIC for getting my butt to the pool.


Jennifer said...

Smart Lady. Good job on the swim.

Caratunk Girl said...

Nice work Patrick.

I love HTFU, but I also like a well placed F-bomb, and Harden Up (HU) just does nothing for me, while HTFU gets me fired up.

Again, way to get it done.

Ransick said...

Nice work getting the swim in. Good mental toughness workout, getting it done when you wanted to bail.

Unknown said...

Good job on getting that swim in - I would have went home (-:

KovasP said...

And that's why you'll succeed: support and the willingness to listen.

Taking a

MissFit Island said...


I love having the lane to yourself!

misszippy said...

XLMIC on the HTFU.

Glad it worked for you. After a flight, it always feels good to loosen up.

ShutUpandRun said...

What is HTFU? All these acronyms are annoying me kind of like exact change.

Okay, yeah, I just looked it up. We all need a little HTFU message in our lives every once in awhile especially while in the back of a plane. Glad you made it to the pool, sounds like it was just what the doctor (or XMLIC) ordered.

Tri4Success said...

Where the F is my Metrosexual Triathlete Tip of the Week?!?!?

Oh, and nice job on getting the swim in.

ajh said...

An uncrowded pool was your reward for surviving the annoyances at the airport. I use exact change - but only when no one is in line behind me.

Caroline said...

confession here
I am like Beth
I had no clue what that meant.
I am old
I am blonde
I am Canadian
I speak French

those are my excuses
good job on the workout!

NattyBumpo said...

This reminds me of the amount of upper level response I got from e-mailing my account manager at a telco once and telling her that I needed her to call me ASAFP. I don't use that kind of language, and when she told me that my dropping an F-bomb startled her, I denied it. Then I looked back at the e-mail. Heh.

XLMIC said...

I told you … one of my middle names is Helpful ;-)

I have crazy motivational skills.

And while here I am known as XLMIC, those who really know me think of me as TBFTSSB.

it's all about pace said...

HTFU has kinda jumped the shark... motivational mantra become clothing brand...

J. L. said...

Amazing what a good swim workout without classes and other swimmers can do for you. Good choice!

I've never seen the term HTFU before. Thanks for the enlightenment. I may use it next week getting up a hill on my bike.

Chris K said...

I wonder if XLMIC was inspired by my recent post about "calling out" others.

XLMIC rocks. I too much of a dork to know what HTFU means, but that's okay.

I have a great idea for you. You can save alot of money and still send Ian to a school just as good as Stanford. You guessed. SDSU.

Lindsay said...

Well I guess we can let the metro post slide... I still think XLMIC meant for you to HTFU about both swimming and blogging...

Anonymous said...

To me airports are magic-to be in San Fran at noon and back in Arizona two hours later is just amazing!
Airports mean I am going somewhere to visit family or compete or both.
(And I get to read USA today and do the word puzzles!)

valen said...

well, XLMIC was right, you NEEDED to HTFU.
the magic is that wether you dig it or not, it gets to your head. It's a matter of effectiveness rather than beauty.

XLMIC said...

Lindsay is right.

The Green Girl said...



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