Thursday, August 11, 2011

Be The Lemonade

There have been a few things going on this week:
  • Mary is in Boston at an e-tailer's conference.
  • Ian was sick all day Tuesday with a slight fever.
  • I felt sick Tuesday afternoon, felt better Tuesday night, felt sick again yesterday evening and felt fine again this morning.
  • My left knee has a twinge in it.  I might have just made the word "twinge" up, but what I mean is that I'm feeling something going on there.  It's not pain, it's not even a dull ache.  Rather my knee is simply reminding me that it is there.
Needless to say my workouts have suffered a little.  I normally wouldn't get too bothered by this because I rarely have to deal with conflict in my training schedule.  But this week is a little different because I am in the peak training phase before I taper for Santa Cruz.  I probably could have handled any combination of 2 of the 4 exceptions without much difficulty, but having them all hit at once has been a little challenging.

The week started off normally on Monday with my scheduled swim workout.  But with Ian sick on Tuesday (along with my body trying to decide what it wanted to do), I missed a bike and a run session.  I swam again yesterday, but had to cut it short to pick up Ian.  Today I ran.  I was supposed to do 800M repeats, but due to the knee I started the run not entirely sure what I was going to do.  I ended up playing it (semi) safe and did about 30 minutes at tempo instead, which still made for a great run.  My knee is still twinging, but it's no worse (or better) than it was.

I'm supposed to do a recovery bike ride tomorrow morning, but I don't have anything to recover from.  So I think it's best to change things up for the rest of the weekend.  Tomorrow I'll do Sunday's swim.  Saturday I'll ride with OC Velo.  Subject to what my knee wants to do, I think I'll join the "A" ride to go a little longer than I have been lately (75 miles) and then do a very short run.  Sunday, I'll join OC Velo again for a recovery ride followed by a run somewhere between thirty minutes and an hour and fifteen minutes, again depending on the knee.

Mary is back tomorrow afternoon and hopefully the knee twinge ends up being nothing.  That way I can hit it smart and balanced next week since it's the last big one.



XLMIC said...

No smart-ass remarks from me today...

Ice that knee. Take care of it. Better to miss some time and intensity now than to have to sit things out for a long time. Sounds like you're playing it very smart.

You are so lucky Mary is coming home tomorrow. I have 4 more loooooonnnnnnggggg days....

ajh said...

Good luck with that knee.Hope it gets back to normal soon.

Lora Abernathy said...

Hope the knee thing was a freak, short term situation. Have fun riding this weekend.

Johann said...

Take it easy and you'll be 100% for next week. Have a super weekend!

ShutUpandRun said...

Way to roll with the punches this week. Hope Ian is on the mend and your knee too.

I like a splash of vodka in my lemonade. Makes it easier to make lemons into lemonade.

Take care!

it's all about pace said...

Twinge is totally a word... hope yours disappears

TRI714 said...

Ice it dude. Maybe even a dose of anti inflam too.

Unknown said...

Take care of that knee!

I've read that a lot of knee injuries occur because of heel-striking. This makes sense because throughout the history of mankind we have always been forefoot strikers. If you are striking on your forefoot common sense would tell you that you are protecting your knees. However, the evil Phil Knight came along and slapped all this foam and rubber in shoes and has, against evolution, destroyed our god-given biomechanics and conditioned us to become heel strikers.

This is why you should seriously consider running barefoot. The only real solution to injury free running.

Rad Runner said...

Well wishes, high fives and unicorn tails.. shake it off champ shake it off!

Tri4Success said...

Sorry, you didn't invent "twinge". Still, I hope yours is minor and everything gets back on track. It's tough when you hit roadblocks on peak weeks.

The Green Girl said...

I agree, ice the twinge away, Patrick!

Glenn Jones said...

Take it easy on that knee Patrick! My little twinge ended up being a mean cast of tendinitis when I didn't....

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