Friday, August 12, 2011

Simple Math

Getting to here at some point late tomorrow morning for coffee and bagels means.....

Climbing Newport Coast...

Then climbing through Shady Canyon...

Then climbing up and around Starwood Drive in Turtle Rock...

Then descending down through Laguna Canyon...

Then riding south on Pacific Coast Highway for awhile...

Until we pass through Newport Beach back into Huntington.

I'm really looking forward to the ride...just one more sleep.


Tortuga_Runner said...

OMG-insane ride for coffee and bagels, they must be damn good. Enjoy!

Cassy said...

That's a long journey. Enjoy!

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

The Green Girl said...

Wow! Those calories will be well earned, have a good ride, Patrick!

The Green Girl said...

Wow! Those calories will be well earned, have a good ride, Patrick!

Ransick said...

That looks like a tough but beautiful rise. Enjoy and be careful!

Unknown said...

when you are doing that beautiful ride I will be doing about 5k ft of climbing around Lake Livingston hoping to not get flatten by a Bubba driving a tandem F350...lots of Bubba's up by Lake Livingston.

I really need to get out there for a weekend of riding!

Our IM Training is going to be similar next year, maybe I ca find a cheap flight on JetBlue in the Spring? hmmm

Aimee said...

Seriously, how beautiful will that ride be??!! It looks tough, but it will be all worth it for coffee and pastries! :)

Jason said...

That was fun. I may setup my trainer this week with those pics in front of me and pretend like I'm riding with you.

As Jeff said we don't have that kind of beauty or wide roads to ride on here in TX. Maybe we do but the double wides and the longhorn mirrors take up all the space.

Tri4Success said...

Looks awesome. Hope the ride went well!

ajh said...

Looks like a great ride. Enjoy it!

Jennifer said...

I like a man who has goals!

Unknown said...

Man... we just don't have views like that! :) Hope you had a great ride!

XLMIC said...

So you went from there to there to there by then with them for that?
*shaking head*
And you think I have gone insane…
Please tell us you at least had sleeves.

Glenn Jones said...

Nice way to show the journey Patrick!

Rad Runner said...

A bit delayed on me parts, but hey, your awesome and so are lollipops and athletes so, good job! Hows the safety of me running from LB pch to laguna beach? does the path go that far or do i need to run in the road?

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