Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gonna Getcha

I've got another date with the girl who plays hard to get.

This girl is a trail loop that I have run many times over the last 15 years. She's in Ipswich MA, near where I used to live.

She's not too long (5.5 miles)
She's not too hilly (+/- 100 feet of elevation gain)
She's not too rough (graded fire-road and well worn single track)

But I've NEVER run the whole thing. I either run out of gas, get lost, or break an ankle. To be fair, I usually run out of gas. Getting lost is the second highest cause of failure. Fortunately, "broken ankle" is rare.

November 20th. I'll be in town. And I'm going for it. I think I may finally be ready.

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