Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rainbow Socks

I was going to go for an ocean swim this afternoon, but that didn't work out. Instead I headed over to the gym to do a pool swim. 20 minutes in I was kicked out for the start of a water aerobics class. They should post that kind of stuff on a schedule, don't you think? I swim at a pretty in demand pool.

So I came home and I'm gonna go for a run. Someone wanted to see the rainbow socks I was talking about a few days ago, and here they are.

I know I said I like them mixed with muddy shoes but I have not actually run yet and it's pretty dry here at the moment anyway. But you can still get an idea of how fabulous these socks are. If they only didn't have toes....


Unknown said...

Dude those are ugly :) No offense if you don't think so - LOL

Have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

I love those! Thanks Patrick!! Yea, the toe part sucks, but keep scouting I bet you can find a pretty snazy pair without toes, then you can wear them all the time. I would anyway.... ha.


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