Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ready To Head Back West

Yep, I'm ready to go home.

I've been traveling since Sunday - Vancouver, now Boston. Though it will be nice to see some family tomorrow, I'm ready for that 6:45 AM flight home Saturday morning.

That said, do you find that you are quite aggressive with your flight scheduling when it's 2 weeks out? Much to my chagrin, I do. Because when I press "purchase" on that super early flight itinerary weeks before I actually have to get my a** out of bed and to the airport I'm much more optimistic about such things than I am 36 hours out.

So I'm ready to go home, but a 9:45 AM flight Saturday would have been fine too.

In my other life, I am half in the entertainment business and half in the clothing business. That means I make clothing for bands that are sold at concerts, online, or retailers like Hot Topic. The even shorter version is that "I make t-shirts". I've been doing it forever - 18 years in fact. I've tried to get out a few times to do something else but always get pulled back in. Oh well.

I shouldn't complain, because I get to work with some very nice people. But triathlon and entertainment people seem to be mutually exclusive. Actually that's not really fair - with exceptions, the entertainment people usually can't conceive why I do what I do in my off time (and to be fair, can you completely blame them?). The triathlon people are far more understanding as to the job.

I was in Vancouver at the home office for the various monthly meetings. Now I'm in Boston for the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival. The festival is 2 solid days of really loud bands. It's a good time, actually. My friends from Crimson Management put the show on. I really enjoy coming out east to hang with them. And I'll see a bunch of other people tomorrow I'm sure. I actually ran into an old friend tonight....

That's me (left) and Mike Gitter, A&R guy extraordinaire for Century Media Records, rocking out to the band White Chapel. I've known Mike for over 20 years. Note that I have my Specialized Bicycles cap on. I'm pretty certain I'm the only one sporting one of these at the show.

But I miss Ian. I miss Mary. I miss the dogs. I miss home in general. Admittedly, I also miss my bike.

Not to say that I wasn't able to substitute in some good running in Vancouver and Boston. I ran along the Charles River today and in Vancouver I did the Stanley Park Sea Wall route, which is a truly beautiful and spectacular gift for runners. But I could use a bike ride right now. I hope my bike feels the same. Don't worry bike, I will be home Saturday.

But I'll be spend some time with Ian and Mary first. It will be great to be home.

It wasn't always like this. I used to spend months away touring with my band and then later touring as a crew member on bigger tours. I loved the travel, the tour bus, the hotels, and basically being everywhere except home. Of course in those days, even the 3'x3'x8' bunk on the bus was nicer than the crappy apartment I shared with 3 other guys. But beyond that, not being attached to any one place was liberating. Funny how things change. I like routine now. Like eating granola in the morning. Like dropping Ian off at school. Like watching Sports Center at 10. And like training. Could it be that I am (gasp!) boring? I don't think so. Or at least I hope not. Nothing lasts forever. And would you have ever thought the guy playing guitar on the right was a future triathlete? Doubtful.

Video From The Old Days

In other news I have a 5K trail race this Sunday. It was supposed to happen last December, but it's been rained out 3 times due to trail sensitivity in wet weather. Can you believe it? In California.


Jennifer said...

Great video! I know what you mean about two worlds, my sculpture/metal fabrication/iron pouring life doesn't really understand the runner life. I guess it's a context thing! The balance is necessary! Have a great trip home!

KovasP said...

That is a great video. The MySpace page is funny as well. Ironic that you are in HB now, I lived there for most of my childhood. Awesome place to grow up, Ian's a lucky boy!


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