Monday, July 19, 2010

Last Week's Training - A Review

 It's was a long week...

I'm not sure I've ever done a post like this.  Since we announced Endurance Athlete Project last week, I was thinking today I should spend more time thinking about the source of it all.  After all, I got hooked on training well before I ever put on a timing chip, and certainly well before I even had a serious thought about fully embracing the endurance sports lifestyle.

It's important that you never forget where you came from.  I've been guilty of that more than once in my life, and though I managed to keep a facade up for awhile, at some point things fell flat fast.  Stay grounded, and enjoy life as it should be enjoyed - including where you came from and where you hope to go.  For me, this makes things so much better.

So here's what I did this week:

Sunday, July 11 - Bike - 24.36 miles/1:25

You've got to love weekend beach traffic.  Actually you don't, because it's annoying.  Yet I endure it anyway, paying hyper attention to my surroundings.  Because it can be really tricky out on the road (inclusive of the large number of jacked up trucks and bad air quality).    I rode down to Laguna Beach to check out the Bianchi frameset.  I was either going to buy the frame, leave my old road bike there to transfer all the components over, and then get a ride home, or not buy it and ride home.  I bought it.  When I got home I headed over to the gym for 45 minutes of strength training.

Monday, July 12 - Run - 6.2 miles/00:51:22, Swim w/ Coach - 1150 yards/1:00

The run was decent.  I did a 6.2 in San Diego a few weeks ago a few seconds over 50 minutes.  I'd like to get this down to at least sub 48 minutes in competition by Thanksgiving for the Dana Point Turkey Trot.

I enjoy my coached swimming sessions, but I loved this one because my coach is the one who I bought the bike off. So he brought it with him to my pool so I could take possession.  Nice.  As far as the swim session goes, I guess it's working.  My problem is that I can pull a 1:10 50 yard set during training, but the extra amount of energy it takes me to achieve that 50 second deficit is ridiculous and simply not sustainable.  And currently the speed v energy expended ratio is not much better at 1:30 or 1:40 either.

Tuesday, July 13 - Bike - 24.61 miles/1:24

The debut ride of the Bianchi.  Not my hardest ride ever, I stopped a bunch of times to dial in some adjustments.  Still, it's clear I need to get a fitting.  The difference between a Sunday and a Tuesday in terms of traffic is like Midtown Manhattan at 5:00 PM on a weekday and the most remote stretch of I-80 in Wyoming.

Wednesday, July 14 - Bike - 20:84 miles/1:08, Run -  4.75 miles/00:39:05

I didn't want the TT bike to feel jealous, so she's the one that went out today.  Decent ride, though a little windy.  I was hoping to do a brick, but as I pulled my bike into the driveway disaster came in the form of an email pinging into my Iphone.  I ended up running in the early evening.

Thursday, July 15 - Swim - 1936 yards/00:45:00

Thursday is usually the "rest day" of the week, though I suppose the proper term is "active recovery".  Conditions at Corona Del Mar where perfect - warm, sunny, and calm surf.  The conditions of my stroke still need improvement.  The water seemed clearer than usual, I could see maybe 15 feet underwater.  That said, I quickly decided that I'd rather have zero visibility or be swimming in Hawaii - the "middle" visibility situation was a bit unnerving.

Friday, July 16 - Run - 7.45 miles/1:03

Yep, this is the run where I complained about 82 degree heat on my post for the day.  And, as expected I caught a bit of flack for it.  It's time to HTFU I suppose.

Saturday, July 17 - Bike - 30 miles/1:40

I was supposed to swim and run yesterday, but the Toyota dealer called late Friday and wanted to buy back our Highlander.  I'm naturally dubious about almost everything, but Mary wanted to check it out.  In the end, the deal they offered us was good, though I am still compulsively reviewing both the numbers and KBB trying to figure out where we got screwed.  And we still had to go through hours of torture sitting in the dealership.  But I still got in a good ride which I talked about in yesterday's post.

 Hope everyone has a good week....


Barbie said...

Thats been quite an eventful week. As for your swimming, and being able to see, I think I would like to not see as well. THe thought of seeing whats down there sizing me up for dinner is too much :)

valen said...

very detailed training log. I liked the 1936 yards bit. I would have bluffed 1950 but you kept honest ; )


Went for a bike ride, and bought a bike. Never heard that one before.

Let's get pics of the Bianch! What's then name?

Caratunk Girl said...

Where is the bike porn???

Great training week! Keep it up. I like how you compare the difference to mid-week to weekend traffic BTW.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Yeah, we need some pics of this new addition to the stable.
Nice training week too! I'm hoping Toyota will call me and ask to buy back my 4Runner...then I can get something more fuel efficient.

EZEthan said...

Nice training breakdown... I always enjoy checking out what other people are doing in terms of training.

DRog said...

Great Training last week!

KovasP said...

Wow, your training puts mine to shame. I suppose the fact that I'm older and fatter mitigates it somewhat. Nice job this week.

Johann said...

Great week of training! You're doing well. Love the "It was a long week..." pic!

Glenn Jones said...

Ooooooooo. have you done Dana Pont Turkey Trot before? It's not an easy course to PR at because of the crowds. I didn't run it last year, but the year before there were over 8000 runners for the 10K with no real start line policing. That means the walkers/slow runners get in the front of the pack and muck things up. They funnel everyone onto a *very* narrow trail at the entrance to Doheny State Beach about a mile into the race, where everything *can* (and sometimes does) slow to a walk. Two years ago it was at least mile 3 before I was able to let 'er rip. Just be aware.

Emz said...

okay I thought the flower was coming out of your shoe....I was like this is awesome. It's IN his shoe and it's NOT DEAD?!!!! ;)

Chris K said...

Digging the Newtons. My Newtons will be in Eugene, OR this weekend. My first run in over a month will be on Pre's Trail. That would be like your first ride in over a month being, well, I don't know exactly, Lance's neighborhood?


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