Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Watch yourself at Trader Joe's (I'm not talking about the food)

I knew this morning when I put on my Saxo Bank Cycling Team t-shirt I might be making a mistake.  I wasn't going to be holed up in the house working all day (as is usual) since I had a lot of errands to do - the post office, the bank, the screen printer and Trader Joe's.  My shirt had the potential for a major unsolicited spoiler - It made me pretty identifiable and as such I was setting myself up for someone to say something to me about the Tour, especially if they had already watched it. 

But then I thought I was being paranoid.  This is America, where the second most popular sport after football is waiting for football season to start.  Cycling is way down on the list.  I know that Phil and Paul are saying on-air that Versus viewership of this year's tour is up 150%, but 150% of 100 is what? 250?  My point is I'm not sure how many people are watching this year, but it's no Superbowl.  It's probably not even the NBA All-star game.

But none of that matters, because it only takes 1 person.  And that "one" came in the form of a very well intentioned and friendly guy at Trader Joe's.

Him:  "Did you see the tour today?"

Me:  "No not yet, I DVR'ed it..."

Him: "Yeah, Contador is a real *sshole."

Me (to myself):  What the hell did I just say to you, dude?

Me (to him):  "Oh really? That sucks.  Just leave it there though, I'm going to watch it when I get home.

Him:   "Don't worry, I think Schleck will get it back."

Me:  "OK thanks dude, you just saved me 4 hours."

"Him" grovels a bit.

Me (feeling a bit bad that my bone dry humor just shot way above his head, possibly into the stratosphere):  "Aw, I'm just kidding, it's all good."

I watched it anyway, because I didn't yet know why this guy thought Contador was an "*sshole".  But when Shleck's chain fell off and Contador sped by, I groaned.  And as he rode by the camera, I saw a coward.

In 2003, when Jan Ullrich and Lance Armstrong where fighting it out for the GC, Lance crashed near the top of a climb.  Ullrich waited for him and it may have cost him the tour.  But it was good sportsmanship, and that's classy.  Contador, not so much.

I hope Schleck jumps all over Contador tomorrow and Thursday and buries him.


misszippy said...

Boo contador...he is my least favorite! And yeah, that's a bummer about the spoiler!

RockStarTri said...

I just get the slimeys from Contador and he doesn't seem to do anything to make it better.

valen said...

he had the tour on his hand if he did a good TT on Sat.
this was a real shitty decision.

Barbie said...

I would love to say something super intelligent, but I havent really been watching it....booooo hisssssss. I know!!!!!

Laura said...

My hubs is PVR'ing the tour and watching it at night..I love coming home and asking: " want to know what happened today?" He doesn't think it is funny. Someone did the same thing to him last week and he ripped their head off. whoops..

Lucas R. Tucker said...

That's what you get for goingt o Trader Joes! I boycot them after I stiopped in to grab lunch one daythey called the police on me for having a gun in thier store. They missed the badge and handcuffs next to it and the like on my partner. Full of igits,

Johann said...

Agree, he is a coward. He doesn't know what to do with Schleck being so strong on the climbs so he took the easy way out. I hope Schleck can get back.

Caratunk Girl said...

Contador sucks. I hope Schleck gets it back.

What is up with the spoiler?? Geez. What a dope!

KovasP said...

One thing I always liked about Lance was, even though he got the attention, he always thanked his teammates and rivals. He knew he wouldn't be as great without them. AC seems short-sighted and arrogant in a very immature way. As it's been said in other venues, what goes around comes around.

Matty O said...

first off, that spoiler should have gotten slapped on his head!

Contador can eat $hit and die for all I care... selfish piece of dog crap!

Kelsey: the Blonde Bullet said...

"This is America, where the second most popular sport after football is waiting for football season to start"

HAHAHA. So true. However I might add fantasy football to that list.

But Contador is most definitely an ass.

Jennifer said...

I have never liked Alberto and now I like him even less. Less than zero is pretty low. But I do believe that what go around comes around. Contador will pay, one way or another. Go Andy!!!

Aimee said...

Oh...when I watched that I was so mad and my husband couldn't believe it either! I know it's a big deal to win the tour, but come on Contador, you have to EARN it! I loved how everyone was booing him when he got the yellow jersey! But, I loved the intense stare from Schleck as he was watching. His look screamed, "Watch out, I'm getting that jersey back!" I can't wait to watch it today!

DRog said...

what a tool - UGH! some people....

cant wait for Football!! haha

Emz said...

My husband completely feels for you. ok, jk I didn't tell him. But I DO this to HIM all the time. I'm just special like that.

YAY for watching it anyway!!


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