Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cycling bits & pieces...

For a long time, I instinctively felt that running was the key to good base fitness and weight loss.  I figured that by putting mile after mile behind me without no mechanical aid except my legs, I was burning the most amount of calories and fine tuning my aerobic machine to maximum effect.  Plus it took me awhile to truly embrace the bike.

But as I started riding more, I realized that the benefits of cycling where greater than I had thought.  Not only did my cycling get better, but I started running faster and stronger. AND I started loosing weight faster.  Who knew?

I found a blog last night with a pretty interesting take on cycling v. running especially when it comes to calorie burn.  It was written by a guy named Dave Moulton, who is an x-bicycle frame builder/current author and musician (which, by the way, I find to be quite an interesting mid-life career change).  Anyway, you can check out the article here.

I don't shop at Performance Bicycles that much, preferring to support the various local (and honestly better) shops in the area.  But I got an email this morning saying that they where having a massive tent sale with gear up to 70% off.  Since Performance is 2 miles away and a block from the car wash (hell yeah I had a big Sunday), I figured I should check it out just in case.

The "massive" tent sale was a 10 by 10 foot E-Z Up in the parking lot with 2 racks of garbage apparel and a broken-ass bike repair stand.  Seriously, Performance - the 97 year old blind lady down the street is kicking your ass in terms of visual merchandising every time she rolls it out for the neighborhood garage sale.  The only thing potentially worth buying was a pair of Cannondale Team Liquigas bib shorts.  The price was right - $59.  And though I am not a huge fan of lime green, I can always use another pair of bibs, especially at this price.  But I didn't buy them.  Why?  Because it didn't seem right.  I realized I'd never EVER wear a Lakers jersey to a pick up basketball game, or a Patriots jersey to play football at the park with the guys.  Shouldn't the same rule apply here?  Yes - maybe even more so, given all the club and event kit available for things I'm actually a part of.  You gotta' keep it real.

I have a couple questions about the Vuelta a Espana TV coverage - Where are Phil and Paul?  Contracts aside couldn't Versus have lent these guys to Universal for the sake of my sanity?  Why is this on Universal and not Versus anyway?  And why is the Spanish TV feed so crappy looking?

Even with those questions, it doesn't really matter.  I'm so hooked on watching pro cycling I'll suffer through this dramatic shift in race coverage quality for the next 19 or so days.


valen said...

good article, thanks!
and about the cycling I'm with you in not buying it just because. but I don't mind wearing the pro team stuff... it just looks fine!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the link to the article. I have always thought cycling was better for weight loss than running. I just like to run more. Unfortunately recently the impact of running is taking a toll on my body, something NOT a problem in biking. Cheers!

64 CLASSIC said...

Haven't touched base in a while. Thanks for the article link. Will check that out.

Hope your training is going well. Wore your t-shirt to school the other day. Had a couple kids ask, "free yourself? from what?"

I just replied, "whatever has you trapped."


KovasP said...

No on Liquigas bib but yes on SaxoBank shirt? Hmmmmm....

Unknown said...

Here is the 1st paragraph from the linked article:

Running requires the same amount of energy to run one mile at any speed; you burn 110 calories per mile. It doesn’t matter if you are a super fit athlete, or an out of shape beginner you will still burn the same number of calories per mile.

He goes onto say that you burn more calories on the bike b/c of wind resistance...which I understand. BUT how come he doesn't factor in wind resistance for running?

Back to the first paragraph, if you are running at 5mph and I am running at 8mph (assuming we are the same weight) wouldn't the 8mph be effected by the greater wind resistance also? (not to even mention size and weight) Lots of holes in this theory.

Also, personally I burn more calories on the bike. Most do. A lot of it is that the exertion is high but your HR does not climb as high as when running thus you tend to burn fat as opposed to carbs. AND if you are biking over any amount of time (1hr +) you usually need to consume more calories because of the burn so an accurate study should include the calorie deficits as opposed to just the total calories burned.

And my final observation is that most pure runners have much leaner looking bodies than pure We got some fatasses in my weekly ride groups. they can hammer for 30+ miles but need a freaking wheelchair after they get off the bike (-:

My unscientific conclusion: Bike to gain fitness, run to lose weight.

Tri-James said...

For weight loss I believe that nothing beats running. However, it is very difficult to go for a 3 hour run a couple of times a week. And that is exactly why cycling helps running but running does nothing for cycling – building aerobic capacity.

I would have bought the bibs – but just for the trainer. I have a pair like this – but just for the trainer.

misszippy said...

I have found, through trial and error, that even though running burns more calories, I am always much fitter if I am also in cycling shape (even if running fewer miles).

Well, you don't have to worry about any cars hitting you in those lime green bibs!

Lucas R. Tucker said...

I'm with you on wearing things jerseys for things I am a part of. I actually tend to turn my under armour inside out, the way I see it- I paid to buy the gear, they are not paying me to wear it. NO free advertising. I tend to only look at buying jerseys with company's/charity's I beleive in or funny stuff.

Caratunk Girl said...

I totally agree!! I didn't start losing weight really until I added biking!! I am so much more fit if I add biking into the mix instead of just running, AND I get less injuries! Go figure.

track coach and adorable wife said...

Great post! I am a new follower, I found you on Diana's blog. I've been thinking about joining your virtual triathlon. I just started with this biking thing. I've always been a runner and thought there was never anything that could touch it. But I read the article and it made sense. I suppose we'll see in a couple months. If I'm ripped out by then, I'll let you take all the credit.

Jesse (Track Coach)

DRog said...

I had to be way more careful in May June July with regard to my diet because I couldnt run. I def lose weight faster with the running.

RockStarTri said...

Where can I get some of the cycling elixer?

Aimee said...

Interesting article! I've always found that running helps me maintain my weight, but biking definitely helps with my overall fitness and tone.
I wouldn't have bought the bibs either. I just can't wear something I'm not a part of..I think it would make me feel fake.

Unknown said...

Cycling supports my running in an incredible way. It goes up during low road mileage weeks and down during high ones. When I'm achy, I'll jump on the bike to work out the icks.
There is always more gear out there to be picked up. You need to make sure that you really like it.

Chris K said...

Wow, such differing opinions. I love it. I read the article and don't subscribe to it. Not a judgment, just my humble opinion. Maybe it applies to some and not others. BTW, I read the virtual tri post, but that's not gonna work for me in so many ways. Let me know when you have a virtual aqua-jogging race. FYI, 2 more weeks in The Boot per Doc.

Big Clyde said...

For me, I know that I can run a 5k in 35 minutes (and getting faster)...for my weight, that burns 667 calories. Not bad for 35 minutes for me.

Cycling at a speed of 13 mph would burn less calories in that same time frame. I generally try to go faster than that, but I always feel that to go cycling, I should really be out for an hour long ride to make it worth the effort of pumping the tires, gearing up, etc. Running is a shorter and faster workout to get through for me.


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