Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Las Vegas Part II

This trip's been quietly busy. That's to say busy work wise, but quiet drama wise. I've witnessed no additional remarkably poor examples of the human condition since "bad board shorts steroid guy" tried to square off with the old man yesterday.

Of course that could change any second.

I'm sitting in the MGM sportsbook at the moment with a friend; he's got $50 on the Toronto/Oakland game.

I've got all my money in my pocket save for the $15 gym pass. It turns out it wasn't $30 after all. My bad, I know many of you where angry on my behalf.

Earlier I ran on a treadmill for an hour for the first time ever. The first half hour was ok. The next fifteen minutes was pure torture. The last fifteen wasn't bad for some reason.

Home tomorrow. I'm told I get my computer back Thursday. Yes.


Diana Tries-A-Tri! said...

There are few things more torture filled than running extended periods on a treadmill. Good for you for making it an hour!

Jill said...

I love the treadmill - be still my heart!!

KovasP said...

Sounds the way a business trip should. I personally feel the treadmill, along with the trainer, have been instrumental in getting my training on track, so I can say nothing bad about either. Kind of surprised the extra $15 is in your pocket, seems like found money and thus should be wagered.

Caratunk Girl said...

I seriously sometimes think it would be more fun to lick a cheese grater than spend a single minute on a treadmill...Oh man I hate those things. Way to stay on it for an hour! After half an hour I am a nutcase. I would be a terrible gerbil.

Fingers crossed for your computers fast return!

Johann said...

I've never run on a treadmill, but I understand they have their place.

Matty O said...

I second everything CG said HAHA!

Treadmills just don't do it for me either. Nice job man stickin to the machine!

The Green Girl said...

I echo all the other treadmill haters - congratulations on sticking it out!

Lucas R. Tucker said...

glad you justified the picture. I was thinking.....business trip to the sportsbook...is he a loan shark, or enforcer or something?

DRog said...

Sportsbook at Mandalay Bay one of my favorite places in the world


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