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Ode To Duran Duran

    Patrick Mahoney
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no one got the patrick nagel joke.


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That's because Nagel is an artist and not a joke. You might lose some followers on this, unless you quickly follow up with a Duran Duran ode. Just a suggestion.


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When someone asks how I got interested in the music business, I usually tell them that when I first saw the Duran Duran "Rio" video on MTV, I asked my mom how much she think it cost to make.  Thus began a lifelong quest to balance art and commerce.  Though this story is more anecdotal than factual, there is no doubt I noticed the difference between a Duran Duran video shot with 35 millimeter film in some exotic location and the typical cheap looking "band performs in front of a tinfoil covered backdrop as a unicorn runs by in the background and/or a vase with a single rose falls to the floor and smashes apart in slow motion" video fare of the day.

The music was also good.  Early Duran Duran was a mixture of Chic or Sly and the Family Stone and the Sex Pistols.  "Duran Duran", "Rio" and "Seven And The Ragged Tiger" are brilliant albums.  Even when I got into punk rock and was thus compelled to pare down my "commercial rock" record collection, Duran Duran stayed, along with AC/DC, Aerosmith and the Who.  But just to set the record straight, I NEVER dressed like a New Romantic.

The band made a few crappy albums in the late '80's, but the 1993 "Wedding Album" was great.  Since then, their recorded output has been only so-so, but I always check it out.  They've earned that status with me.

In 1994 or so, a friend of mine (also a Duran Duran fan) and I got our first America Online accounts.  One day we had the fantastic idea to create fake user names and pretend we where members of Duran Duran.  He was NRhodesDD and I was SLebon26.  We would spend hours sitting a chat room we called DuranLink in an attempt to try and convince anyone who dropped in that we where really Nick and Simon.  We would claim that though we would much prefer to be sitting in a private jet on the way to Belize with 10 cases of Perrier-Jouet and a kilo of blow, our record label was forcing us to use AOL to connect with our fans.  In those days, you could get away with almost anything online, and I'm pretty sure we had a lot of people fooled.  Creepy?  Yes.  Ahead of it's time in terms of a marketing medium (despite the fact it was a total sham)?  Also yes.

I had a run in with greatness once, in 2006.  I was browsing the best sellers table at a bookstore in London Heathrow and picked up a copy of the Kite Runner.  The guy next to me also picked up a copy.  Being that one of those awkward "oh we're both going to read the same book" moments just happened, I glanced to my left to get a better look at my opposite in the awkwardness.  It was Simon Lebon.  We chatted for a minute, no doubt making small talk about grabbing the same book.  I for sure didn't bring up AOL.  But like that he was gone and in line at the cash register.

I've only seen Duran Duran once.  It was the original line-up reunion tour from a couple years ago and MAGIC, a big trade show that takes place in Las Vegas, paid them huge bucks to play the opening party.  So it was an hour of all hits.  I must admit, they where awesome.  I may have even danced.

Oh, and if you spent the '80's under a rock or where not born yet, you may not know who Patrick Nagel is.  But I'm sure you've seen his work...


Pahla said...

*sigh* I love Duran Duran. And I totally laughed at the Nagel joke, I just didn't comment on it!

DRog said...

Never saw DD...but DID see Flock of Seaguls & Go-Go's! LOL@ you might have even danced haha.

Ive spent most of my life under that rock! haha

KovasP said...

Wow, I've got to watch what I write you. What if I had suggested an ode to myself, the ever-popular WWKD?

Jennifer said...

I loved, loved, loved, Duran Duran and spent my teenage years trying to draw like Nagel. Ha, I guess it worked; I'm still an artist and that's how I make my living.

Emz said...

OMG. I swear my sister was a DURAN DURAN groupie. I was raised listening to DD due to her.

I thank her daily [now]. :)

Kelsey: the Blonde Bullet said...

Ha. Brilliant.

Aimee said...

Nice post! :) I liked Duran Duran too!

64 CLASSIC said...

Is this where I make a "hungry like a wolf" comment?

Chris K said...

Come Undone and Ordinary World are two of my top favorites in my itunes library.

misszippy said...

Don't even get me started on how much I loved John when I was in college! (yes, I'm old)

Lucas said...

Oh Dear. I'm afraid I may have to stalk you now. I was a HUGE fan. The kind that screamed and cried and peed just a little whenever they came on MTV. I went to the concerts, bought the t-shirts, combed head shops for their albums only released overseas, wallpapered my room with their photos, slept in nightshirts professing my love to them and just KNEW that someday I would grow up and marry one of them. And I know who Nagel is. My college roomate and I painted a huge re-creation of one of his works in the hallway of our duplex. I'm sure the owners loved us. :) Thanks for the jaunt down memory lane. I have to go now, you know, to start the stalking!


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