Thursday, September 30, 2010

OctoberFast, September In Review, And Why My Boss Rules

As some of you may have seen over at The Clydesdale Project, Big Clyde and I are co-hosting a challenge for the month of October.  Though pretty much the brain child of Clyde, I offered up my limited art skills and created the banner.  I've also been called upon to create a finisher's badge for everyone who participates.  You can check out the details here, but the premise is simple: pick a goal for October, be it training volume or weight loss (or both), and stick to it.  Clyde and I will do a few posts throughout the month for participants to share their updates.

In the car with Mary driving west on Edinger Ave. in Huntington Beach last night.
I wrapped up September training a few hours ago with a swim workout, and the month looked like this:

Bike:25h 27m 44s  - 454.7 Mi
Run:10h 59m 55s  - 80.62 Mi
Swim:8h 32m 32s  - 14056 Yd
Strength:1h 30m

September was a pretty good month with about 48 hours in total volume.  I would have liked to see a bit more swimming, but I did manage to get more quality out of what I did, opting for more drill and technique improvement sessions over straight up open water swimming.

I always sketch my swim workouts out on a never ending supply of real estate agent note pads that are constantly dropped on our porch (is this a California thing?).  A positive bunch of folks, these agents.  The worst swarm of locusts in recorded history could descend upon Huntington Beach followed by the detonation of a nuclear warhead and they would still be insisting that "while things are a little tough at the moment, Surf City residents are a resilient bunch.  Things will start to turn around and the real estate market will be as strong as ever...".

Start of Newport Coast Drive.  4 miles, 8% average grade.
Since I start my taper for the OC Triathlon Monday, I've been planning to go big this weekend.  Saturday and Sunday are clear, and my plan for Friday was to ride before work and run afterwards.  But then I remembered that my wife is going out Friday night which means that I'll have to pick up Ian from his after school program.  So this afternoon I sent my boss Bruce an email letting him know I was hoping to cut out early tomorrow so I could run before getting Ian.

Here's where it gets awesome - He e-mailed me back and told me to take the day off!!

So here's the plan - I'll start with a 50 mile ride starting south down PCH with a loop through Newport and Irvine, and then back.  Then I'll take a nap.  Then I'll tabulate the Virtualman race results (which I'll post tomorrow night).  And then I'll run before I grab Ian.  I may have just unexpectedly stumbled into a perfect day.

Thanks Bruce, you rock!!


ajh said...

Your boss does rock! Have a good ride!

KovasP said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Add an understanding boss and now it's awesome!

DRog said...

Great training month! especially the Bike - nice work.

also good job scheduling yourself for a nap!


Quinton J said...

Bless Marcia’s heart…what a doll.
And bless Bruce’s heart too…he’s also a doll….(albeit a more masculine doll).
Then…enjoy this bad ass day!
Newton’s for life!

Lindsay said...

I need to take a day off... lol. Hmm I should probably get in on that challenge but I'm afraid I'll slack off like I usually do. May as well join in, not like you guys will come haze me if I fail right? :)

Unknown said...

Great numbers! That is a lot miles for Oly training. ... u are gonna crush it dude!

I like how you have strategically placed the nap in between the bike and run - that is how you plan right there!

Emz said...

Why is Q calling people "doll" weird.

Can you actually read that note?!

Quinton J said...

Oh EMZ...she's a doll too. What a doll (albeit a horse chasing doll).

Karen said...

it is as if Marcia Kaufman, realtor at large, is also your coach... Love your boss - too awesome! Have a great day off.

Unknown said...

Lucky! A day off! Enjoy your ride and thanks for the note about the OktoberFast - didn't know, but now I do.

TRI714 said...

sounds awesome. Any thoughts of ride early tomorrow morning ? Thats my early ,not your early :-) call me if your in. Fly safe out there !

chris mcpeake said...

great month of training .. way to go

TRI714 said...

I just added up my September numbers.
You have literaly doubled me (+) in every dicipline. 70.3 is already in your head.
Impressed with you, and disappointed in myself. I will get with it !! Thats impressive.

swim = 7759 meters or 4.8 miles
bike = 207 miles
run = 39.6 miles

Raegun said...

Hi there! I just joined the challenge via Clyde's site so I thought I'd pop over and "meet" the co-host. It looks like you're logging some serious mileage - very inspiring!

Aimee said...

Awesome challenge!
Awesome training month!
Awesome boss!

valen said...

that's a serious amount of workouts,

and a cool boss!


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