Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Breakfast Of Champions (And Weird Little Dudes From Other Planets)

Though I'm dubious of triathlon as big business, I must admit that I think this is pretty cool:

But this one's even better:

And if I ever got the chance to be on a cereal box, I'd want it to be this one:

Those of you who know me will probably agree I have more in common with the little Quisp dude than with Macca or Josh Beckett.


KovasP said...

Well you certainly are corny sometimes.

Emz said...

As long as Kovas is on the Frosted "FLAKE"S box, I'm happy.

w a i t . . .

is there a "fruity pebbles/rock" one available. ahhh yes, I'll take that one for me.

KovasP said...

I'm thinking I'm more Lucky Charms or maybe KISS Krunch, and now I'll never look at Fruity Pebbles the same way again (do you buy them in the paper goods aisle?).

TRI714 said...

I loved Quisp back in the day. And oh that was a few days ago :-(.

Quinton J said...

"Ever got the chance"???? That's YOU right there!


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