Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Years Day

It wasn't too long ago when I'd break any health or fitness related New Year's resolutions by about 12:05 AM on the 1st.  Not anymore - here's what I'll be doing New Year's Day:

Orange County New Year's Day Ride - Description:

Orange County New Year's Day Ride is an annual critical mass event that attracts hundreds of cyclists. Many riders start at the Alamitos Bay Marina in Long Beach, just off Pacific Coast Highway. The ride then follows PCH all the way to Dana Point, picking up new riders along the way while dropping some riders due to the fast pace (up to 35 mph on the flat sections).

After a regroup and refuel, the ride heads inland, following San Juan Creek bike path, before hitting some hills in Mission Viejo. After another regroup and refuel, Trabuco Road and Irvine Boulevard continue on to Tustin. San Diego Creek Channel bike path and Back Bay Drive eventually lead back to PCH again, from where the route heads north to the starting point.

Orange County New Year's Day Ride - Personal Notes:

It is exciting riding in the draft of a few hundred fellow riders, at a pace set by some professionals and cat. 1/2 racers in the front. We occasionally stopped for a red light, which I welcomed because it allowed me to catch some breath. I only saw one crash involving two riders, less than what I had heard about. - Courtesy of

I won't be doing the whole thing.  Me and a friend from OC Velo plan to jump on in Huntington Beach where Goldenwest Street hits PCH.  Our first priority is to immediately get into the middle of the pack.  Because if the pace does reach 35 MPH on the flats (which is most of PCH) and we are trying to hold on at the back, we will get dropped real fast.

I'll be happy if I can hang on until Corona Del Mar (about 15 miles), thrilled if I can hang on until Laguna Beach (about 20 miles) and ecstatic if I can hang on until Dana Point (about 35 miles).  From Dana Point, the "official" ride turns inland.  My guess is that we'll find a "B" group (assuming said group hasn't already found us on the run-in to DP) and head home back up PCH.  

Does anyone else have any athletically inclined New Years Day plans? 


Aimee said...

That sounds like an awesome ride! I don't really have anything planned, although there is a Resolution 5k that we might do. It all depends on the weather though. I know that sounds lame, but it is what it is!

KovasP said...

January 1st is a Saturday, so I'll be doing a long run on a trail somewhere.

Kind of odd that they call your ride a critical mass ride, yet stop at red lights.

DRog said...

Here I was all excited about my little one year anniversary return to the pool where I started swimming at this year 1-1-10 until I read you get some crazyas$ awesome SoCal 35mph ride along PCH with tons of people!

Unknown said...

That sounds very cool Patrick! Means you'll be going to bed early on new years eve!

In my town they have a marathon on New years day. It is small and the cost is only like $25. Annie and i are going to volunteer at an aid table and then afterwards one of the local Tri coaches is have a brunch at her house. Good, healthy way to spend new years day!

Christi said...

I wish I lived in an area where I could do a great group ride on Jan 1st. Unfortunately, that will not happen. I will be doing the Rescue Run 5k and I can't wait. It will be my first race in I don't know how long! Woo Hoo for 2011!

Lucas R. Tucker said...

I am planning to skip my midnight 5k, but hope to do a new years day group run at a local fleet feet sports.

IF (big if) I have a bike again by new years I am going on a local Polar Bear Metric Century.

Good luck on your ride!

Caratunk Girl said...

That looks awesome. I am going ice fishing on Jan 1. Maine tradition in all. :)

Jason said...

That just looks awesome. I am going to check out what my coach has in store but if it is nothing I will go running at the very least. No rest for the weary when 70.3 IMCA is around the corner.

Johann said...

I'll just do a relaxed 6.2km run early the morning of the 1st. It is just one week before my 90km ultra.

Jill said...

That's a cool ride, Patrick. Crossing fingers for plan C! I'm not sure what I will run NY Day, but I will run regardless of what my heel says (my New Year's resolution is to grow a new one - yay!)

Anonymous said...


Yes, I'll be running a half marathon on New Years Day. Can't wait to get my 1/1/11 bling!

valen said...


The Green Girl said...

What an awesome way to start the new year!

I was planning on doing the Point Magu Year to Year Fun Run but my plans have changed because my family is coming to visit.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

There is a "Hangover" run on the 1st near me!

I just found your blog through Julie at Hotlegs Runner and signed up for your Endurance Athlete Project! great idea!!

Glenn Jones said...

Normally give my remote control thumb and right arm coffee flex a workout, but USC isn't in a bowl game this year! If the weather is nice and the trails are open I'll see if I can see you guys on PCH from up above at El Moro. Have fun!


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