Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Garmin

I was a little out of sorts earlier. Because just like that, my Garmin stopped working. I had turned it on and then put it back in the charging cradle. When I pulled it back out to head off to run, it shut off and wouldn't come back on. I looked for some sort of reset button, but it doesn't have one. I tried a couple different combinations of button pressing to find the hard reset. But nothing worked and the screen remained dark.

It was 5:30 and I promised Mary I'd be home by 7:00. So I had to get going. I grabbed my old school sports watch. The watch is so 2 years ago when I could barely pull off 3 miles. But at least I could get an elapsed time. That would have to be good enough.

But things where not good. In fact, they kinda sucked. First off, I had to remember to manually start and stop the watch at traffic lights. The Garmin does that automatically. I remembered to hit the start/stop button every time except once, but once is enough to throw everything off. I forgot to hit start at one particular intersection and didn't notice until 1 minute and 36 seconds later. I know that it was 1 minute and 36 seconds because later I drove over to the intersection, parked my car, and re-timed the segment.

I have a thing about accuracy.

I like (and have become very used to) knowing what my pace, heart rate, accumulated distance, and elapsed time is whenever I want. And even though I have this route memorized to the foot, it still felt wrong. I didn't have my training partner.

I was alone. Because today there where not 3 satellites in a geosynchronous orbit somewhere overhead quietly working away keeping me data rich. And I would not have anything to upload into my training log (even though I rarely use that data for anything useful anyway).

I used to proclaim, somewhat proudly, that I was not dependent on technology. I now realize that is complete bulls**t. After all, I almost had a meltdown today. I never leave the house without my Iphone. I have not touched a book since I got a Kindle. And I use AOL Instant Messenger & Skype, at the same time!!!

Then there is this blog. Lately I have been installing every 3rd party blog aggregating widget I can find. I can't go to bed without looking at Google Analytics first. Blogging has created a whole new community, and I want my 40 acres and a mule. Or at least a mule avatar.

Fortunately, the Garmin is working again. I did a Google search for "Garmin 305 will not turn on" and easily found the right combination of keys to press. And by the way, I didn't get the information off the Garmin website. Somebody's blog came up first.


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I don't have a Garmin gps of any kind but i have quite a few friends (cyclist and runners) who own one or two and i swear they always complain about them not turning on, or turning off during a ride or run, charging it all night and not working the next morning. reminds me a lot of apple products. as much as i love my various ipods and itouch, i've yet to have long term success with them lasting longer than a year. i'm tempted to buy a garmin one day but not sold on it yet.

KovasP said...

I got to get me one of those mule avatars! I'm somewhat a tech weenie, but also can get past the odd time when my Nike+ doesn't work the way it's supposed to (or I don't press the stop/start button). I've thought about getting a Garmin, but the higher cost has me delaying and, as KC said, there are so many complaints about them. Plus, like computers, it seems like a better, cheaper, model comes out just as I've decided to get one. My next tech purchase for workouts will be a heart rate monitor, but which package? Too many options! :)

PS It was probably the Spongehead bandaid that really did the trick.

Unknown said...

I cannot run without my 305. Just cannot do it. Need instant feedback at all times and 100% believe this feedback makes my training time for effective. You are pretty much par for the course technology-wise, especially amongst us blogger geeks!

skierz said...

I am addicted as well! Love when it busts in the midlle of a run! However, I force myself from time to time to turn run without and do find it refreshing not be be obsessed with looking as the stupid thing!

Jennifer said...

I love my Garmin. I think it's great that you are totally in on the tech stuff. I love it when my watch starts to download my run as soon as I walk in the door...

Lindsay said...

sometimes i hate how much i use technology/am always connected. but then again... i love my iphone and the internet sure is convenient.

i can still run with just a stopwatch... but when i get home i go to mapmyrun so i can get the distance just right on my spreadsheet. definitely a data nerd.

glad google saved your garmin! that woulda been my recommendation.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I would freak out (and possibly cry) if my garmin wouldnt fire up, i remember one race i forgot to turn it on and it took fooooorrrrrreeeeevvvvvveeeerrrr once on the bike, i was ticked,

OrangeBlossom said...

I've been saving up for a Garmin. I'm such a numbers buff. I like to know my heart rate and my splits. I go to mapmyrun to get my exact distance. I would really like to know my pace during my run ... but I need to save a few more dollars first.

So happy that you were able to reset your Garmin.


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