Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Virtualman Olympic Triathlon is a GO!!!

Consider this the starter's gun.  It's September first and thus begins the Virtual Man Olympic Distance Triathlon.

If you missed my post from last week, I am hosting a virtual Olympic distance triathlon.  All the details are in the original post, but the crux of the race is as follows:

1)  All participants must complete 1500m of swimming, 40k of cycling, and 10k of running over a continuous seven day period any time in the month of September.

2)  Though the race can be done in any order, all participants must use their "first done" distances in each discipline.

3)  There are two divisions - Male and Female

There's still time to get in on the action.  Check out the original post and then download a race time sheet at http://www.box.net/shared/ub45bqsmuz

I've also added some additional prizes.  I will send the person in DFL in each division a multi CD retrospective (no idea how many discs it will take yet) of my entire music career.  This will include demos from my band in high school, a handful or proper studio albums, and a whole bunch of half baked home recordings I have made over the last 10 years when I was feeling sorry for myself.  I may even write extended liner notes that no one (including myself) will care about.

Personally, I've never seen better motivation to HTFU in a race.

Again, good luck and email me at 17281posse (at) gmail.com if you have any questions.

For pro cycling fans there was some sad news today...

Laurent Fignon 1960-2010

Laurent "The Professor" Fignon died today from cancer. Not only for his studious demeanor and round glasses, he earned the nickname "The Professor" for being one of the few bicyclists of his time to have some higher education. Though later admitting to doping, Fignon was a favorite of fans for winning the Tour de France twice as well as the Giro D'Italia. Even as a champion, he was best known for losing the 1989 Tour de France by 8 seconds in the final individual time trial to Greg Lemond. After retiring from racing, Fignon's company promoted the Paris-Nice race for a few years, along with some other, more minor races.


KovasP said...

I think I have the 44 year old recent Clydesdale Male group sewn up but I'm not sure who else is racing. Is it true Macca is getting appearance fees? I might be the only one racing to win your retrospective set.

Unknown said...

I'll be done with the vitual tri by tomorrow! Gotta do a timed 1000M in the pool for masters anyway - so I might as well just tak on an additional 500.

DRog said...

Just heard the gun...im leaving work to head for the pool...

Lindsay said...

LOL. At first I thought it was just random or you were maybe a little full of yourself ;) now I almost feel sorry for whoever comes in DFL. (jk jk)


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