Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Those First Fifteen Minutes

Me and Big Clyde did some horse trading tonight.  I am making a graphic banner for a fitness challenge we are co-hosting (which by the way as of 10:36 I am still making revisions to per BC - "can you move the text a half pixel to the right?" - that kind of stuff) and he is guest blogging for me. 

If you don't follow Big Clyde, you should.  His guest post is great and encapsulates the kind of articles you'll see over at his blog The Clydesdale Project every day.  So without further ado,  let's check out this man, the main man, the mack daddy of the blogging faithful - Big Clyde...

Hey everyone, this is Big Clyde and I am honored to write a guest post on The Road.  Patrick and I are working on an upcoming challenge (okay honestly, he's doing most of the work), but while he is doing that and travelling and logging in 100 miles this past weekend...I get to write a guest-post for The Road.
Do your rides start out feeling like this?
I am training for an upcoming ride in November, El Tour de Tucson.  It will be only 40 miles, but I am riding it with my 11-year-old son, Samson.  He had never ridden more than 12 miles in one day, (until yesterday) so this will be a big event for the two of us.

We started out on a 13 mile route on Sunday morning.  We had only been riding for, no kidding, about 5 minutes when I could see that he was feeling sluggish and likely dreading a "long" ride.  I was feeling it too.  But as the dad, I was now in coach-mode and had to build him up and encourage.

I told him that I just never listen to my body's complaints for the first 15 minutes.  I am still a big guy, but it might be the same for any athlete.  When I first start any running or cycling workout, I understand now that my body has to warm up and won't feel great until I get some time or distance behind me.  I just have to ignore whatever I am feeling and not let it get into my head...just need to keep moving, especially during those first cold 15 minutes.

Samson did well on our ride.  We finished the 13 miles and as we were putting the bikes back in the garage he said, "So, Patrick challenged you to get in 50 miles this weekend, right?"  

I nodded.  "Yes, after my earlier workouts and this one, I have 12 miles left that I'll do tonight."

Samson said "Okay, I'm in.  I'll do it with you."  I was shocked, but so proud.

We rode again later in the day, took a different route and did not feel the same sluggish start-up.  He rode a total of 25 miles yesterday and we finally gave up when it was pretty dark outside.  Samson was surprised how great he felt and said that he could have kept going.

Next week, we will ride 25 miles in one trip, a milestone distance for him.  And we will ignore how we feel when we first start rolling.

I rode a total of 50 miles last weekend.  When Patrick challenged me to do it, I thought it was a big number, which I had never tried before.  Now, I see that it was pretty easy.  How often have I let me head slow me down, when my body is capable of pushing onward? 
But end like This?
Today's lesson?  Ignore your head, PUSH your body (regardless of your current fitness level).

Keep moving everyone!

Big Clyde


KovasP said...

Great post Big Clyde - after the hardest step(getting out the door), it's always a good idea to give it a chance before packingit in. However if it's not there that day you also have to be ready to face it and head home. Congrats to the little big man on his increasingly awesome training!

ajh said...

Ha! I don't see myself in a group pace line but thanks for the confidence. All things considered I am a fairly slow rider. Able to go fast enough to get a good workout but no speedster!

Unknown said...

Very cool that your son wanted to go back out with you to hit the miles goal!

Happy Fun Pants said...

I'm starting to notice the same thing when I go for a longer run. I think that I dread it - and maybe instead I need to recognize that the first fifteen minutes might be a drag...but after that, smooth sailing!

I'm glad Samson is doing this with you - you guys are building memories that will be wonderful to remember for years to come. :)

Emz said...

I like that last bike . . . .

El Tour de Tucson?!?!? I USUALLY hand out water [who am I joking? ..... hand ouot empty water cups] to the racers on this event. Started doing it in college -- I LOVE IT!! Of course, not doing it this year DAMNIT. I soooo wanted you to see my sweet water flinging skills!

Ann (-50 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

NC hosts two rides every year (rides, not races), one in the spring and one in the fall. The routes and starting locations/destinations change every single ride. I gather no two are alike. The fall ride is midway through right now. It started in Asheville (mountains) on Sunday, and will conclude at the end of the week at the coast. They average 50-65 miles a day, with check-points along the way. That stuff just impresses me like crazy, and I think it is AWESOME that you and Samson are building memories together. I hope the route goes through some gorgeous areas. I know the NC fall ride this year has some really awesome scenery.

Lucas said...

You guys are so gonna kick that 40 miles ASS! It's been a blast watching you two approach this together. And that whole "Ignore your body the first 15 minutes"? SOLID advice my friend!

Way to lead by example for your kid.

And now that I've read you, I guess I'll check this Patrick guy out! Thanks for the link. :)

TRI714 said...

As a father of a 10 1/2 year old, that is awesome !! I may have to push my son a bit to get that motivated. But his mind and thinking changes weekly so, who knows. Great blog here and over at BCP.

Aimee said...

Great post, and I think it's sooo cool that you're doing rides with your son!
I like your 15 minute rule! Whenever I don't feel like doing a workout, I always tell myself to get dressed and start. If I still feel icky after a couple miles running, or biking, then I can stop. But, usually I feel good and I end up finishing the entire workout!

valen said...

Good 1 BC, and great on Samson attitude!

Unknown said...

Your son would be great company for mine. He rides with me a lot (not as much now in the fall and winter; it's cold in Canada) but has logged up to 16 miles at once.

Great post. Good luck on the ride.


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