Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Notebook

Disclaimer: This post has 3 photos of me in it.  Though they are intended solely to assist in the illustration of bigger point(s), I will completely understand if any readers decide to forge reading this post because they are sick of looking at me.  For those who pass on today's post, I'm working on a 12 point argument on why Pluto should be reinstated as a planet.  Look for that tomorrow.

I'm just over 2 years into the new lifestyle now.  From a weight loss perspective that's 75 pounds.  The first 50 or so were (relatively) easy.  It's funny what happens when getting off your ass and doing something meets giving up drinking.  I lost 50 pounds in the first year.  The picture below is from the 2009 Long Beach Triathlon.  I weigh about 230 here.  Though in retrospect wearing a skin tight tri-top was an extremely bad fashion decision, I hope I can turn a negative into a positive by deeming this photo exhibit "A".

Exhibit "A" - Long Beach Triathlon 2009 - Chunky and stressed.

In the last year,  the weight loss slowed down - I've lost about 25 pounds.  But on the flip side, I've become faster and stronger than I ever imagined possible, and my body composition has changed quite a bit.  Exhibit "B" is from last weekend.

Exhibit "B" - Long Beach Triathlon 2010.  A bit less chunky and a lot less stressed.
Above and beyond the weight loss, what strikes me the most is that after a year I look more calm and composed, experienced and confident.  Call me crazy, but in some ways I'm more excited by that.

I'm not looking for "way to go!!" or "kick some more ass!!" comments.  Don't get me wrong, I love and appreciate every single comment I get.  But as it relates to getting from there to here, the pleasure is all mine.  Rather, I just wanted to put out a visual reminder that the realization of great things always take time.  Some of you started your journey earlier, some started later.  But in the end, we'll all get to the same place.  By the way, I've still got a ways to go, but I'm totally up for it.  How could I not be?


Totally baked.
Southern California is baking.  I'm not just talking about the Inland Empire or the Valley, I'm talking about the coast too.  It was close to 100 degrees in Huntington Beach today.  I'm not sure it's ever been this hot in the 7 years I've lived here.

But if Jeff from Dangle The Carrot can endure a Texas summer, I can endure a few days of a California anomaly.  So there was no way I wasn't riding today.

When it gets hot here, it's usually because the winds are coming in from the desert.  So when I hit the road today I was surprised to discover that the wind was still coming in over the ocean from the southwest.  Except the wind was super heated.  How does this happen when the water temps have barely reached 62 degrees this year?

Once I got past the initial shock of the heat, the ride wasn't so bad.  I told myself that this was probably how it was going to feel at Ironman Hawaii 70.3 so I might as well take it where I can get it.  Besides, any chance to get some mileage on Pacific Coast Highway in the aero position is tough to pass up.

That said, I look a little more grimy in the post ride photo than usual.

They say we have a week of heat this left....


KovasP said...

You may not want to hear it, but atta boy on the progress, especially attitude wise. Cool calm and collected is infinitely better than stressed.

Laura said...

Thank you for this and I totally agree. I came into running late in life...and am in no way a natural at it. I have to work long and hard for very small improvements but am learning to live with that and take it..and run.

Emz said...

Awesome. Amazing progress.

I'd like more photos next post.
like 4 more.

Unknown said...

Please do not send the heat back this way! Get a solid week in the soup and your fitness level will show. Yesterday when it was 60 degrees my 10mi run felt like 2 miles. The heat sucks but it makes you tough!

I like to say something nice about the pics but it sounds like you;d rather hear - get off the damn computer and get your ass in the pool - so there ya go, nancy!

Emz said...

because of the DDuran love I have altered my post just FOR YOU!!

Jill said...

Way to go!!!!
Opps, I don't follow rules very well...but seriously, great job!

Lindsay said...

Kick some more flab! :) Seriously, you deserve the pat on the back!

As for the weather, you have one hot week of summer while us southerners have like 11 months of heat and humidity... Thanks for trying to be understanding ;) lol

Allison said...

What a great post! I love the picture comparision!

I feel for you with the heat... but we here in Texas deal with it for 5ish months a year... 100+ ia brutal so when 80 rolls around we are happy as clams.

Hang in there.... think about how you will feel when you run and the heat and humidity as ceased... :)

Aimee said...

It has been unseasonable warm here too. Not like there, but still in the 90's which is crazy for a Sept. in CO! Way to get your bike ride in, heat and all!
You have worked so hard, so I am going to comment on your photos! The before and after pictures are awesome! Congrats on how far you've come! :)

J. L. said...

I'm whining about my run this afternoon in 83 degree temps. Hot for this time of year in Idaho. And also, the confidence and "less stressed" look is what my husband pointed out about my year 2 tri pictures versus my 1st year. I was still focused on the body. Enjoy the heat wave!

valen said...

cool job!, your arms look way lot better on the second photo. Better armswim=more speed.

TRI714 said...

Nice job brother. You went from looking like John Daley to this Patrick Mahoney guy I meet. Amazing attitude, look forward to some more training together soon.

skierz said...

amazing post! and way to go! an amazing transformation in many ways and the voyage is inspirational! Don't stop now, like you said you got a late start and now the machine is just starting to hum!

The Green Girl said...

Wow. The transformation is amazing. I'm so glad you had these photographs to do a comparison!

Glenn Jones said...

Okay. Those two pictures may be just what I need to get off my ass. What a difference! I'm down about 30 in the last two years - but I have a long way to go. Thanks for the motivaion Patrick!

Lucas said...

I ride with a neighborhood crew on Sundays. We typically ride from 20-30 miles or so. Not terribly long rides but enough to get a good sweat on. Sometimes it's hot as hell (yes, in Minnesota). Sometimes we tackle big hills. Whenever anyone whines, one of us always yells out HTFU! It's our battle cry and reminds us to Harden the Fu@k UP! And then we do.

Kick ass. Take names.

Chris K said...

Whatever, you are a slacker and don't write thoughtful posts AT ALL. I never get tired of Bloggers that post pictures of themselves. I think it's awesome. Looking forward to meeting you Feb. Now, we just gotta get Kovas back to his "home town".


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