Thursday, February 17, 2011

EMZ: 14 Questions About 24 Hours

Everybody knows EMZ.  But if you don't, you must be living under a rock.  Here is a straight up, indisputable fact:  EMZ is a major force in the blog world - so if you don't read her yet, I suggest you do.  Here's the link.

EMZ announced earlier this week that on May 7th and 8th, she will be running on a treadmill for 24 hours straight.  The run is a charity benefit for the Sojourner Center.  The Sojourner Center is a shelter for victims of domestic violence and is located in Phoenix.

I'm 100% behind her on this one.  In fact, when she puts up a donation page, I'm first in line.  Yet I still can't completely come to terms with this.  I'm not sure if it's the "24 Hours" part or the "treadmill" part, but this thing is gnarly no matter how you slice it.  So I asked myself "Do I really know EMZ?  Do I really know what kind of person can run on a treadmill for 24 hours?".

I consider myself a decent runner, but even after 24 minutes on a treadmill I am done.  So the answer to my question was that I have no idea what it takes.  Because I just can't relate.  And I suspect that 99.9% of the World's population can't relate, either.  Running nowhere for 24 hours.  This sounds like a really bad anxiety dream to me.

This means that EMZ is virtually in a class by herself.  The .1% class.  The baddest, toughest, strongest and arguably craziest people out there.  There is another term for this - Legend.

Suddenly, I saw EMZ in a whole new light.  It took me a few days, but I finally worked up the nerve to e-mail her.  I asked her if she would be available for an interview.  After hitting send, I sat and stared at my in-box for what seemed like hours.  But it was only ten minutes, and she replied with this:

Sent from my iPhone
So I was in.  But I still had to ask the right questions.  I sat down and thought about it, and then paced around my office and thought about it some more.  I wanted a tight set of random questions (if that makes any sense) laced with a few curve-balls to see how EMZ would react.  The goal was to discover whether or not EMZ was truly tough as nails with a really nice shoe collection.  And so, the interview:

The Road: Why a treadmill run?

EMZ: why. freaking. not.

Why not a 24 hour death march across the desert without water?

I have spoken with the Pita and I will do this in 2012 when my personal insurance policy goes up.

Well, I know you could do it (the death march) and I hear the belt buckle is sick.

did someone say buckle?  Do you want to see my buckle?

Are you capable of murder?

If someone broke into my home and stole my buckle.  Maybe.

Do you think you will be capable of murder after 24 hours on a treadmill?

If someone says, "your body was just made to run 24 on a treadmill" when I hop off.....yes.

What will you be wearing?

As of now, my wedding ring. Ideas will be accepted as well as sponsors [aka, free crap].  I totally down with wearing anything you guys send me/tell me to wear.  Most offers will be accepted, except for any bikini's Mr. Manly.  I'm all for a fake abs tattoo.

If I put together an ultra marathon which consists of 7000 laps around the swing set at (my son) Ian's school, are you in?

Do. I. get. a. freaking.buckle?

Can you think of a cool name for my race?

"I'm a swinger"
"I swing 7000"

Vintage Corvette or Vintage Bentley?

These are for tri-hards. ;)  67' Chevy Impala

If you had to be an animal what would it be?  Any animal easily referenced to endurance or speed is off limits.

Pygmy Marmoset [yes, I'll wait while you google]

Who would play you in a movie about you?

Uma (Thurman) [sing it . . . ewwwww dreamweaver . . . ]
Cameron Diaz [annoying as heck but endearing]

Who would play me in a movie about you?

Ray Liotta

Who do you think I would get to play you in a movie about me?

[this question sucks] Alicia Silverstone, Pam Anderson [I kill myself]

Paris or Barcelona?

S p a r t a !


Adrienne said...

EMZ=Awesome and will totally rock the death march and the treadmill run :)

Tortuga_Runner said...

Fantastic, I totally would've pick marmoset too.

Unknown said...


Barbara Walters has NOTHING on you Patrick--I was crying!!


I think the blogging community needs to come together not only to support Emz in her run but we need to make her a buckle for this.

Unknown said...


Barbara Walters has NOTHING on you Patrick--I was crying!!


I think the blogging community needs to come together not only to support Emz in her run but we need to make her a buckle for this.

Unknown said... posted twice

KovasP said...

24 hours is crazy on a treadmill, unless the treadmill is on a flatbed being driven through some beautiful scenery, or in circles around the swingset. The Flatbed 7000?

Matty O said...

too funny man. Loved the questions.

I agree with you, she is in a class all of her own, but honestly... we all know that the treadmill will quit before she does :)

Jennifer said...

Your are brave Patrick! Funny, I enjoyed it.

I can't believe the TGD gave me away...

Molly said...

I think I'm going to have to start an official EMZ fan club.

We could all have our own memebership cards. : )

Unknown said...

well done Patrick!

Still can't wrap my mind around 24hrs on a treadmill either?

Christi said...

EMZ rocks! I am in awe that she will run 24hours on a treadmill!

Jason said...

Great quesitons patrick. I now feel like I know EMZ even more....perfect.

The whole idea of 24 hours on a treadmill is just out of my realm of reality.

Anonymous said...

I think the title of this post should have been:
EMZ - She'll do (almost) anything for Buckle.

Haha, I loved every second of reading this! :)

adena said...

Best interview ever!! I love this.

racing dawn said...

Best interview ever.

That EMZ, she's a quick one...Love that girl. :) Legend is quite fitting...

Heather said...

Great interview! loved both the questions and the answers! She's got my support too!

Pretend this is real said...

Yeah. "7000 laps around the swing set" is probably the only thing that would be worse than 24 hours on a treadmill. Bad. A$$.

A Prelude To... said...

Excellent interview! So raw. You really got her to open up and spill her guts :D

Big Clyde said...

If she is just going to be wearing a wedding ring and that's it, can we do a live broadcast or something?

TRI714 said...

the swingset 7000- EMZ is uber human and a bit disturbed. Pita is uber human and clearly has a soft spot for crazy. Your questions make me question your sanity. And lastly I can't read 24 hour treadmill, it makes me queezy.

Caroline said...

Love this! great questions! and perfect answers!!!

misszippy said...

Vintage EMZ. And that's why we love her!

DRog said...

great Q&A!
Im a swinger! hahaha


Jill said...





Thanks, Patrick!

Chris K said...

That was off the charts. Bravo to both of you.

BTW, EMZ, there were plenty of other women clamoring to get into the Mom Blogger Bikini Calendar. Your loss.

Emz said...


XLMIC said...

Saying ".1%" about Emz doesn't reall put it in the proper perspective… more like 0.0001%.

This is a fun interview! Sure hope that treadmill can survive the EMZ-vasion ;-)

Unknown said...

24 hours on a treadmill....... she's got determination!!!

Cynthia said...


64 CLASSIC said...

Great post. Great interview. Great to be back reading and blogging.

5 Miles Past Empty said...

AWESOME!!! I agree--Legend. She is just in a class all of her own. I cannot relate. I die on a treadmill. I wonder where a treadmill would have to be physically placed in order for me to be on it for more than an hour...

Great interview, Ray. =)

Unknown said...

Great interview!!! :)


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