Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Goodbye iPhone, Hello HTC Aria

After cracking 3 screens (which I got really good at changing), my iPhone finally died for good last week.  Specifically, the earpiece stopped working so the phone was useless.  When I took off the screen to have a look, it was immediately obvious what was wrong - The whatever wire that joins to the whatever connector that makes the earpiece work was completely cracked apart.

Since I recently upgraded my wife's phone to iPhone using my number, I had absolutely zero wiggle room in terms of a deal on a phone.  I think the best I could do was $500 something for a G3, I don't remember the exact amount because I stopped listening at "5".

So I logged on to Ebay hoping to find a better price on something used.  But even there, any G3 that was being sold by someone I would consider buying from was over $300.  Still too much - I have a way of going through phones and I just couldn't justify the money.

Since I avoid any Windows or RIM based devices like the plague, my other option was the Android OS.  A few people told me they thought that Android was good, but much better through Verizon than AT&T.  Unfortunately I'm stuck with AT&T.

Well, the marketing folks at HTC will be pleased to know that their sponsorship of the HTC - Highroad Professional Cycling Team paid off in America, at least once.  Because even though I am usually dubious of marketing and sponsorship schemes, I have to admit that I felt just a little bit better about my decision to switch away from the iPhone when I found out that the AT&T Android phones where made by HTC.

My new phone is the HTC Aria.  I got it for $200. It came today so I have not had too much time to play with it, but my initial impression is that it's OK.  To the good, the resolution on the screen seems much better than that of the iPhone.  The phone also runs faster, as in the applications open up lightning quick.  And since Android is open source software, the features on the phone seem, well, more "open".  That is to say, there is not a stylistic continuity cross-application or an "i" this or an "i" that to be found.  And even though I am a die hard Mac guy, this is a little refreshing.  You can also create custom scenes which will pre-load different applications depending on what scene you have the phone set to.  This could come in handy - during the week it's all about email, but on the weekends it's all about Twitter for example.   

That said, it's not as operationally intuitive as the iPhone and many basic functions require extra button pushes or key-strokes.  Unfortunately, that mitigates any benefit from the faster OS.  And the Aria is smaller than the iPhone, so it's going to take some time getting used to a more cramped keyboard.

But for $200 bucks, I think I'm going to be good.  And besides, I'll probably loose it or break it within 6 months anyway.  Because that's how I (unfortunately) roll with phones.


Tri-James said...

I have been thinking of a smart phone but I actually enjoy not being connected all of the time.

Kate Geisen said...

My iPhone's been sporting a big crack since August, and I have zero confidence in my ability to switch screens. I have several friends with Droid phones who love them. Hopefully you will too...until you kill it.

Johann said...

I'll be getting my HTC soon. So far everyone I know with HTC is happy.

Christi said...

I have an android and I really like mine. I hope you enjoy your new phone!

Emz said...



Unknown said...

My work phone is still a blackberry. I took the GSM card out and put it in an iPhone for a little while but had to switch back. The iPhone is great for play but not so great for business, IMO.

My wife is using the EVO phone from sprint. It is open source android and it is fantastic. Only downside is that Sprint has an excellent data network but is lacking on the voice side. Twitter + FB = Awesome. Talking on the phone = crappy. Keep us updated on how it works out for you!

KovasP said...

I'm still looking for the phone with the perfect camera + video, but I also use my work BB as a personal phone, so won't be getting anything soon.

Chris K said...

Nice. Take that Apple. My kid had that phone (or something very similar) and loved it. That says alot when a 16 year old speaks highly of a phone.

Allison said...

Hope you like your new phone... but man I would hate not having my iphone.

I'm addicted....it's true....

valen said...

I guess you use your HTC to do a lot of internet banking with saxo Bank as well. LOL

Jill said...

My daughter has that phone, but the Sprint version, which I think it larger sized. She likes it...and she's 20 so it must be a good thing. between my 3 kids, we go through a ton of phones and I swear no matter which one is broke, it's the one who doesn't have a new phone contract coming up. We scour ebay and Craig's List frequently :p

Barbie said...

That phone is gorgeous. I get to upgrade my phone in a bout a month so this looks something I should look at.

Glenn Jones said...

I'll need a three month review. I've been pretty close to ditching my iPhone for a while now. I just can;t get over the battery life issues of my top two 'Droid choices - HTC Evo and the DroidX.

Unknown said...

I'd like a follow up review too. We're up for new phones in May and will both be looking for something new! :)


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